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Ten-Week-Old Harper Attempts To Become The Youngest Person Ever To Visit All 50 American States

A 10-week-old girl is set to become the youngest person to visit all 50 US states thanks to her travel-mad parents.

Harper Yeats embarked on her epic US road trip with her parents Cindy Lim, 32, and Tristan Yeats, 34, at the wheel of the family’s Jeep Cherokee on June 17.

They have already visited 13 states including New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine and have several more months of travelling ahead of them.

Tristan took leave from his job as a civil engineer to hit the road with Harper and Cindy, who is on maternity leave from her job as a school assistant.

The couple used their savings to fund the trip and hope the adventure will see Harper set a Guinness World Record for being the youngest person to visit all 50 US states.

Cindy, from Toronto, Canada, said: “We didn’t spend a lot of time planning our road trip, we just knew that we wanted to optimise my maternity leave together.

“We have been living in Toronto for two and a half years and after we had Harper in April, we made sure she was gaining weight and completely healthy before we made the decision to go.

“We had been renting and so we just packed everything we had and put it into storage.

“We packed everything we thought we would need into our Jeep Cherokee.

“When I was researching, I came across this website called the 50 States Club.

“It’s an unofficial list of all the people who have managed to travel to all 50 states in the US.

“On the list there doesn’t seem to be anyone as young as Harper so we really wanted to try.

“Harper is really patient and lets me take a picture of her in every state and we were even thinking of applying for a Guinness World record, but we’ll see.

“This trip is more about making memories as a family.”

The couple are utilising Airbnb as they travel the country with Harper.

Living in Toronto, they spent $2300 each month on rent, and say their accommodation costs while traveling have been similar.

To keep their costs down, Cindy, Tristan and Harper often stay in the suburbs of major cities and try to only eat out once a day.

They initially worried about traveling with a baby but said the only challenge they have faced is the time it takes to get from point A to B with a tot in tow.

Tristan said: “One of the biggest challenges we have found when it comes to traveling with a baby has been the fact that we can’t travel for long distances at a time.

“We have to stop a lot for feeds or to take breaks.

“If a journey is meant to be three hours long it takes double that with a baby.”

Cindy said: “We’re lucky with Harper, she’s a relatively easy going baby. She does have her bad days but mostly she’s a good travel partner.”

The travel mad family are most excited to visit the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park during their trip, which doesn’t have an end date just yet.

Cindy – who like Tristan is originally from Canberra, Australia, said: “My maternity leave ends in January and we haven’t decided what to do just yet.

“We might go home to our family in Australia for Christmas.

Tristan said: “We definitely want to see the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park.

“We hope to spend a few days in New Orleans – I visited 13 years ago and really loved it.

“Vermont will probably be our last state because we missed it on the way down.”

Cindy and Tristan haven’t ruled out the possibility of backpacking through Asia or Europe with Harper in the future and encouraged parents to consider traveling during maternity leave.

In the meantime, the family celebrated Independence Day (July 4) in Richmond, Virginia.

Cinday said: “This is just the beginning.

“I think traveling is a fantastic way to use your maternity leave.

“Hopefully we’ll have more babies, and wouldn’t it be great to see other parts of the world like Europe or Asia.”

Tristan added: “For Independence Day we plan to do a walking tour in Richmond. It’s the best way to experience a new place, we think.”

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