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Toddler In Fits Of Giggles As He Sits On Vibrating Exercise Board

This is the adorable moment a toddler was unable to stop giggling – after climbing on to a vibrating exercise board.

One-year-old Charlie Creasey sat on the red Vibrapower Coach after his mum Dawn, 29, switched it on ahead of a workout.

He couldn’t stop giggling at the sound of his new shaky voice when he started to speak.

Full-time mum-of-three Dawn, from Heathfield, East Sussex, said that she was just about to get on the exercise board when Charlie clambered on top.

She said: “Charlie just turned one, and he loves using my exercise board.

“He sits there and says – ‘aaaaah’ – and thinks it’s so funny, every time.

“Charlie uses the board so much – possibly more than me!”

The board is designed to burn fat by forcing the muscles to contract and relax quickly.

The cute clip was shot at their home at 10am on July 1.



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