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10 Reasons Health and Safety in the Workplace is Important

A lot of accidents can happen in the workplace, especially without the relevant health and safety training courses for staff. Learn about why it’s important, right here.

Health and Safety in the workplace is designed to keep everyone, well, healthy and safe. Implementing the right procedures and making sure staff undergo relevant health and safety training courses is vital. If you’re sceptic of health and safety, we’re here to convince you otherwise!

We’ve asked leading training providers, Mark 1 Training, about the importance of health and safety. Which is why we’ve got 10 reasons health and safety is important in the workplace! Read on to find out why we’re big on health and safety, and why you should care about it too.

10 Reasons Health and Safety is Key

  1. Safety is Highlighted

Any business undertaking regular health and safety training courses and ensuring the workplace is up to standards, is creating an environment where safety is highlighted. If a company is putting emphasis on this, it will ensure that both staff and customers know that procedures are in place to protect both them and everyone who enters the premises. Of course, there are different levels of safety for every kind of business, but one key point is that there should be an underlying form of health and safety assessment or procedure in place, to make sure work is safe.

  1. Win and Keep Customers

Establishing your business as one that highlights health and safety is a great way to both win over and keep customers coming in. For establishments like restaurants and shops, it’s key to make sure business is coming in and those customers return too. So, setting yourself up as a business that cares about the health and safety of your customers and staff may win over your clientele. If they feel safe when they enter your establishment, and know that the correct measures are in place, then it means they’ll keep coming back and spread the word.

  1. Increases Brand Value

Your reputation as a business that values health and safety goes beyond your customers, into your branding. It will add value to your brand, making sure that consumers know all about your business, and see it in a good way. Because part of your branding is making sure your business is presented in the right way. Putting in work and emphasis on health and safety means that your brand will be viewed as one that cares about staff and customers. It’s a valuable asset to your brand.

  1. Protecting People

As a business, you should be doing everything to make sure you’re protecting everyone that steps onto your premises. Whether that be your staff, your customers or the general public, the right health and safety procedures ensure that everyone is kept out of harm’s way. Yes, accidents happen, but far less happen when the right health and safety procedures are in place. For the public and customers, clear signs, ‘no go’ areas and more will keep them out of places they shouldn’t be, where harm may befall them. And for staff? Proper health and safety training courses! Equipment training, lifting training and more will make sure they’re not injured in the process.

  1. Happy Staff

Your staff will be a lot happier if you implement the right health and safety procedures into your working environment. No one wants to go in to work feeling unsafe or worrying about the risk of injury. So, making everyone feel a little safer can do wonders for staff satisfaction. They’ll be happy, health and safe – which is important to make your business run smoothly. Less injuries mean that your staff will be keener to come in and work, without the risk of injury or harm.

6. Absences Decline

How many times have you sent staff home after they’ve been injured at work? Accidents can happen yes, but with proper training they’re less likely to. So, in order to make sure there isn’t an unnecessary increase of staff absences, make sure you’re implementing the right health and safety procedures. Teaching your staff the right way to lift, operate machinery and more can reduce the potential risk of accidents happening in the workplace.

7. Productive Work

Having health and safety routines in place for employees out can help streamline productivity. By implementing health and safety procedures, staff and management will begin working together to ensure these high standards are met and kept.

8. Creating a High-Standard Working Environment

Once these standards have been set, they’re easier to maintain. You’ll find that with the introduction of proper health and safety procedures, there may be a lot of work at the beginning. However, once complete, it will become second nature, and will be easy to maintain. So, the legwork at the beginning will be the hardest bit, but the payoff for having a clean and safe workplace for the future will be worth it. It will set the standard of your establishment.

9. Insurance Claims Reduce

If you’ve experienced legal action against your business, due to injury, then you’ll know how lengthy the insurance claims process can be. However, with proper health and safety procedures, claims can be reduced, due to the fact that it’s a safer place. With the reduced risks of accidents happening, you’ll potentially cover yourself against legal action and compensation claims.

10. Reduces Business and Profit Loss

If you’re making sure both staff and your customers are safe, you’ll reduce the risk of the loss of both business and profit. Injured staff or unsafe working conditions can mean that business will slow down, meaning you’re missing out on profit. If health and safety is emphasised, working conditions can be streamlined, in order to make everything run more smoothly, bringing in more business and more profit.

And that’s our list! Health and safety procedures are an essential part of any working environment and making sure everyone stays healthy and safe is key. Be it staff or customers, staying safe is good for them, good for your business and good for everyone else! Make sure you emphasise health and safety and send staff on the relevant health and safety training courses for your workplace.



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