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100-year-old twins share their secret to a long life

Identical twin sisters have celebrated their 100th birthdays together – after living apart for just SIX years their whole lives.

Dorrie Kempsell and Ivy Peck hosted a party of family and friends at their care home in Exmouth, Devon.


Dorrie and Ivy celebrated their milestone with delighted friends and family

The twins were born in Liverpool during WW1 and married Ronald Kempsell and Ronald Peck – nicknamed the TWO RONNIES.

When Ronnie Kempsell died after six years of marriage, Dorrie then moved back in with Ivy and her husband.

They have been together ever since, first moving to Suffolk before settling in Devon.

Their nephew Roger Owen, 74, of Aylesford, Kent, said: “They were inseparable through childhood and got married a week apart in June 1940.

“Dorrie and Ronnie moved into their own home, which was less than half a mile away.

“Ivy and Ronnie stayed in the family home, but six years later Dorrie’s Ronnie’s died so she moved back into the family home.

“They had been half a mile apart for six years – but apart from that they had always been together.”

When Ivy and Ronnie moved to Suffolk, Dorrie went with them.

The trio then decided to move to Devon and they lived together in a bungalow in Ottery St Mary.

When Ronnie died 20 years ago, the twins moved into a flat together in Exmouth before moving into the care home together five years ago.

Roger said: “It was circumstances that forced them back together but they just literally have never been apart since.

They are like peas in a pod – one is there with the other all the time. I don’t think they would have survived as long as they have without each other.

“They are a tremendous support to each other and are wonderful together.

“They always get on and because they understand each other they don’t argue.”


The pair as matching babies

Ivy worked as a secretary while Dorrie was an administrator for the NHS. Neither had any children.

Roger said he was concerned about how the sisters would cope with the attention on their big day but said they loved every second.

He said: “It was a wonderful celebration and a marvellous day. They got literally hundreds and hundreds of cars.

“They have both been very keen Everton fans and watch any football match they can.

“They even got a video from the club with some old players that they were thrilled with.”

The twins said getting lots of fresh air and being “interested in everything” were key to a long life.

Ivy said: “We’ve always been active – cycling when we were much younger and we played games that kept us going.”



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