Collect of twin sisters Dorrie Kempsell and Ivy Peck aged 17. Identical twin sisters have celebrated their 100th birthdays together – after living apart for just SIX years their whole lives. See SWNS story SWTWINS. Dorrie Kempsell and Ivy Peck hosted a party of family and friends at their care home in Exmouth, Devon. The twins were born in Liverpool during WW1 and married Ronald Kempsell and Ronald Peck – nicknamed the TWO RONNIES. When Ronnie Kempsell died after six years of marriage, Dorrie then moved back in with Ivy and her husband. They have been together ever since, first moving to Suffolk before settling in Devon. Their nephew Roger Owen, 74, of Aylesford, Kent, said: “They were inseparable through childhood and got married a week apart in June 1940.”

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