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GeneralA Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Blackjack

A Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Blackjack

Blackjack is the most popular casino game. It accounts for both the largest floor space as well as the biggest revenue across most gambling platforms. Mostly, players favour blackjack over other games because it has a considerably lower house advantage.

Different Types of Blackjack

Usually, gamblers play different types of blackjack tables to beat the Dealer’s hand. The following are the most popular variations of blackjack.

Progressive Blackjack

Here, the rules are similar to those of Classic Blackjack. The only exception is that progressive blackjack allows the player to win an incrementing jackpot. Other slight rule variations occur during card doubling and splitting.

European Blackjack

The European blackjack table has two decks. The player receives two cards that are both facing up. The dealer, on the other hand, receives two cards; one facing up and a hole card. This hole card remains inactive until the player decides on how to play their cards.

Spanish 21

This game is also referred to as the Spanish blackjack. It is played using either six or eight decks. At the beginning of the game, the four 10s are removed, leaving a total of 48 cards. This is done to increase the house advantage.

The dealer can peek at their hole card in this table. If the card is a blackjack or a 21, the dealer wins. If the player also has a blackjack, the game ends as a draw. There is a provision for surrendering to increase the player’s chances of winning.


Similar to Spanish 21, the Pontoon table is played without 10s. Otherwise, there are no standard rules for Pontoon blackjack. The rules vary depending on the betting platform of the player’s choosing.

Blackjack Switch

As the name suggests, the player can switch cards in this blackjack table. Precisely, the player has the chance to improve their cards by switching them. The cards are dealt face up.

Instead of the standard 3:2 payout, blackjack switch offers a 1:1 payout. If the dealer has a blackjack, they win the game. If the player also has a blackjack, they get to keep their stake.

Classic Blackjack

This is the most common blackjack table. Also known as traditional blackjack, it can have anywhere between one to eight decks. Both the player and the dealer have two cards, although the dealer has one card facing down (hole card).

To win, the card total should be equal to not and not more than 21. If the total exceeds 21, the player loses the hand. Also, the player’s card total must be more than the dealer’s total.

Multiple Action Blackjack

This table is dealt in a similar way to the classic blackjack table. It can be played using four, six or eight decks. The difference between traditional blackjack and multiple action blackjack is that the latter allows players to play a single hand against multiple successive dealer hands.


Different types of blackjack have varying difficulties of winning. However, having knowledge of various tables improves your experience significantly.




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