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A Beginner’s Guide to Slots

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to gamble? If you would, what kind of game would you choose? Would it be one of the table games such as poker, or blackjack or baccarat? Or would you prefer sports betting such as that offered by Bet365? 

Or would you like to start with something simple like playing a slot machine? These machines are so attractive, with exciting sounds, entrancing lights and amazing graphics and artwork. Whether it is online or in a casino, playing slots can be extremely entertaining. 

If you are interested in starting with something simple, go ahead and try your luck with slots. Going to a casino can be a lot of fun, but you can play slot machine on online casinos now. 

Understanding How the Machine Works

The first thing you need to do is understand how a slot machine works. Here is a quick explanation:

Symbols: A slot machine has rows of reels which are marked with special symbols. These symbols are usually related to the theme of the game. So, for example, if you’re playing an Egyptian-themed slot machine, then the symbols could be reflective of ancient Egypt – scarabs, mummies, Egyptian deities and so on. Each of these symbols carries a different value. 

Payout Lines: The number of reels can vary depending on the game, as can the number of winning combinations, or payout lines. Basically, you need to line up matching symbols across the reels in a line. That line is called the payout line! The higher the number of payout lines, the greater your chances of winning at slots. 

Winning Combinations: The object of the game is to line up as many matching symbols along paylines as possible. When you manage to line up 3 or more matching symbols (3 cherries, or 3 scarabs, for example), you get a winning combination and win a reward.

Special Symbols: Slot machines also have special symbols that increase your chances of winning at the game. These include the Wild, the Scatter and the Free Spin symbol.

  • The Wild is like the Joker of the slot machine. It can replace any other symbol on the reels – with the exception of the Scatter. 
  • The Scatter is a special symbol that helps you unlock bonus features in a game of slots. If you land 3 or more scatters, you usually enter a bonus round where you get free spins. The best part is that whatever wins you get in the bonus round are all yours! 
  • The Free Spin symbol does exactly what it says – it awards your free spins. This means that you do not have to pay for those spins, but you will still get to keep all the winnings you make from those spins. 

You also have something called Multipliers. These aren’t symbols on the reels, but when you get a string of wins, with every successive matching combination the amount you win exponentially increases. 

Playing the Game

Playing the game is seriously simple. 

Placing Your Bet: Before you can begin the game, you need to set your bet or wager or stake first. How you set your bet can be different depending on the machine. Having said that, all slot machines will allow you to increase or decrease your wager until you are comfortable with the amount you have bet. 

Before you start your game, ensure that you’re comfortable with the bet you have made, since that is the amount you will pay for each spin. You can use the ‘+’ and ‘- ’ keys to adjust your bet to what you’re comfortable with. 

If you’re not sure about how to bet, then if you are in a physical casino, you can call an attendant to help you understand the slot machine a little better. If, however, you are playing online, then you can click on the ‘i’ button to understand the rules better. 

Tip:Ensure you double-check what you have bet, or you may end up betting more than you had planned. 

Starting the Game: Once you have set your bet, the only thing left for you to do is to click on the SPIN button to start the game. 

RTP – Return To Player

In casino gambling, there is something called the RTP – Return to Player percentage. This is basically the percentage of the money you have bet that the slot machine will pay you back over a period of time. 

So, if you have bet £100, and the slot machine’s RTP is 96%, it means that over a period of time, you have a chance of winning back £96 from the game. Therefore, look for those slot machines that have the highest RTPs. For some of the best online slot machines and the highest RTPs, you can log onto



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