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FamiliesGeneralA six-year old boy fighting arthritis is the world’s youngest black belt!

A six-year old boy fighting arthritis is the world’s youngest black belt!

A six-year-old karate kid has been hailed the youngest-ever to become a SECOND DEGREE black belt – despite suffering from arthritis.

Tiny Jake Frood, who stands at just over 3ft tall, astounded his in 2013 when he clinched his black at the age of five.

Now the pint-sized puncher has passed a four hour exam to clinch his second black belt – which he battled through on strong painkillers.

Jake suffers from juvenile arthritis and severe hypermobility disorder which can make his joints swollen, painful and stiff.

He took up karate aged three as an alternative to physiotherapy and now hopes to train as an instructor while at primary school.

Proud mum, nurse Kerry, 33, from Meanwood, Leeds, West Yorks, said: “Although
Jake was suffering from a flair up of his juvenile arthritis and severe hyper mobility disorder at the time, he still managed to get through the four hour test.

“He was on the maximum dose of his pain killers throughout the test and struggled at times but his determination and positive mental attitude got him through it.”

Jake hit the headlines in September 2013 when he tested at Leeds North AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership Academy in Horsforth and became the youngest black belt in the world at the age of just five.

He took up the sport at just three-years-old when he caught the bug after watching cult classic, Karate Kid. Amazingly, the sport helps his condition and keeps his legs supple.


Jake’s passion also helps keep his limbs supple

Single mum Kerry said: “When Jake was first diagnosed with arthritis at three years-old his legs were so weak.

“He tried physiotherapy, but found it far too difficult.

“He had started martial arts by this point and, even though he was finding that hard too, the doctors told him to keep on with it as it would make his legs stronger.

“So he kept up with it and has flourished as a true champion. His legs are much stronger now too.

“I don’t think there are many children his age that could do what Jake does.

“He might be small but he is hard as nails, I’m so proud of what he has achieved.”

Jake – who competes in British and World Championship Competitions – now holds a ‘second Dan’ black belt. There are ten levels of black belt in total.

He has amassed three bronze and two silver medals and one Championship Belt in British competitions and one bronze medal in the World Kickboxing Championships 2014 in London.

Single mum Kerry added: “He tested for his 2nd Degree Black Belt along with 50 other students at the AEGIS Martial Arts and Leadership Academy in Harrogate,
making him yet again the youngest in the world to achieve this standard.

“It tested him in his skills of mixed martial arts in thin air, on pads, with partner, sparring and grappling.”

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