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Anger As Vandals Paint Swastikas On Walls Of Occupation Bunker In Jersey After D-Day Commemorations

A community has reacted with fury after a vandal painted swastikas on the walls of an occupation bunker in the Channel Islands shortly after D-Day commemorations.

Police believe a repeat offender daubed the offensive Nazi symbol in bright red paint on several places across the historic site.

The regular defacement of the bunkers, built when the Germans occupied Jersey during the Second World War, has left local fearing a neo-Nazi is repeatedly targeting them.

Tony Pike, president of the Channel Islands Occupation Society, which preserves and protects the historic bunkers, said things had got so bad they were now considering installing cameras in a desperate bid to catch the offender.

He said: “It has happened again which is disappointing, because these are places that bring tourism to Jersey.

“I don’t want to have to scrub it off again next year, so we are looking at other measures we can use.

“We will be putting in cameras in some areas to catch this person red handed.

“I believe it is the same person. I can tell that the symbols have been sprayed on the same. He is just going through the colour chart.”

Tony said the society are now considering installing CCTV cameras in the bunker to catch the culprit.

He continued: “It could be someone who objected to fortification, or it could be a neo-Nazi – and I think it is.

“They have sprayed HH and SS, which makes me think it is a neo-Nazi trying to spread their own agendas.

“They hide them in little places at the bunkers and the whole graffiti is just disrespectful.”

Tony spent an entire day scrubbing the symbols off and has informed the States police that he believes it is the same person who has committed the acts each time.

He is appealing for people to come forward with any information.

He added: “I am sure someone has seen something. He must have used a car to get there, so if someone has made a sighting, get in touch with me or the police.”



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