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Artist Gives Children’s Dolls Realistic Makeover By Removing And Redrawing Their Makeup

An artist has given children’s dolls a realistic makeover by removing and redrawing their makeup to show the beauty of ‘human flaws’.

Olga Kamenetskaya, 33, spends hours creating “one-of-a-kind creations” by modifying dolls including Barbie, Monster High, and Blythe.

She uses eye-shadow, acrylic and watercolour paints.

Olga, of Kiev, Ukraine said: “It is safe to say that dolls look much better after the ‘natural treatment’ and it goes to show the so-called ‘flaws’ are what actually makes us beautiful.

“Dolls were, and in most cases still are, an ideal of proportional body shape and beauty which has been influencing girls around the world from the very young age.”

Olga has managed to create a career out of recreating her dolls with nearly 70k followers on Instagram.

She can charge up to £1,000 a doll depending on materials used and how much time it has taken her to modify it. She sells them on Etsy.

She added: “I make sure there are all the fine details included on the doll, such as little features, imperfections, body shapes and realistic wigs.”

Olga has recreated extremely realistic versions of celebrities including Angelina Jolie, Kevin Spacey, Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson.

The mum-of-two will paint the dolls faces first and then she will add makeup on top “which becomes resistant to rinsing with water”.

She also makes her own wigs for the dolls by using natural silk and goat wool.

Olga said: “I put all this in an iron pot and cook for a long time, then I say magic words and the doll is ready.

“From start to finish for the dolls, it can take from one day to several weeks. It all depends on the task and inspiration.

“It is difficult and fussy, but I really like it. This is my hobby, which brings me pleasure and money.”

Olga said customers will often send pictures of real people for her to copy and draw onto a doll.

She said being a “perfectionist” helps her to make the dolls look realistic.



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