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GeneralMust ReadDad Creates Stunning Winter Landscapes On Windows Using Snow Spray

Dad Creates Stunning Winter Landscapes On Windows Using Snow Spray

A stay-at-home dad has been bringing festive cheer to his neighbours’ homes by creating these stunning winter landscapes on their windows – using SNOW SPRAY.

Talented Simon Patel, 40, taught himself how to craft the intricate displays on panes of glass using just tins of fake snow and a Stanley knife.

Last year he decided to spread some Christmas cheer by creating the amazing images on his neighbour’s windows in Walsall, West Mids.

But he is now being commissioned by shops including clothes stores and fast food restaurants to spruce up their window displays this festive period.

Simon Patel

Simon Patel

Simon completes the masterpieces in around three hours and charges £25 for his services per window

The artist first covers the window in snow spray, before carefully scraping it off to form Yuletide images of winter landscapes.

Yesterday (Tue) the father-of-two said: “They can be a bit tricky, especially in the more detailed ones, but I enjoy it.

“I just started last Christmas and everyone loved it. It got such a good response that people are commissioning me to do them.

swns_snow_window_07“I did one special Despicable Me piece for my little cousin who is obsessed with minions and then my neighbours asked for displays of their own.

“A few shops saw my work and started asking me to do some and so I started to charge.

“It just started from wanting to bring a bit of festive cheer to the neighbourhood and it all just snowballed from there, excuse the pun.

swns_snow_window_06“I’m amazed at the reaction I’ve had from them, it has been brilliant to see the children’s faces.

“I’ll do them for anyone who wants one really, I’m told its a good way to impress the neighbours.”

One incredible display shows a deer drinking from a river in a snow-covered churchyard and a farm under a full moon with smoke billowing out from its chimney

Others shows Santa’s sleigh and reindeer flying through the night sky with other woodland animals in the foreground.




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