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Dramatic Pictures Show Moment Dozy Father And Son Get Stuck In Mud Aboard Kayak For Several Hours

More than 20 rescuers were called out when a dozy dad took his son for a holiday paddle and got stuck in mud

The pair had taken a kayak on the River Fowey in Cornwall when they got caught out by the low tide at St Winnow near Lostwithiel.

The dad raised the alarm on his mobile phone – but remained stuck for two hours before he was hauled free by a 20-strong team of firefighters and coastguards.

They used inflatable mats to reach the pair and then attached lines to pull their kayak more than 100 metres back to safety.

Witnesses said the duo returned to the shore embarrassed but unharmed after the rescue operation – and refusing to comment.

Firefighter Keith Coles said they were concerned for the safety of the father and son, who would have had to wait until nightfall before the tide returned.

He said: “The father thought they could slide themselves off.

“But if they had waited for the tide it was going to be another two or three hours out in the cold on the mud flats.”

He added: “It was quite a difficult job, it was hard work because the mud was very sticky. It took a lot of effort to get to them and then get them back.

“The rescue helicopter was being considered at one point but in the end it was not needed.

“I’d say they were rather embarrassed but happy to get ashore. They were all safe and well and said they were fairly warm.”

Mr Coles said: “We would like to remind people to be aware of tidal areas and the dangers that they can present.”



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