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Eight mangoes a day kept this mum a SIZE-SIX through-out her pregnancy

A woman determined to keep in shape during pregnancy exercised twice and ate 30 pieces of fruit including eight MANGOES – every day.

Super-fit Yulia Tarbath, 33, retained her svelte size six figure throughout the nine-month term with regular work outs and fruit.


Yulia at 39 weeks pregnant with her husband Paul

Remarkably, brunette stunner Yulia gained less than a stone during her first pregnancy, and took less than two weeks to get back to her starting weight of eight stone, after giving birth to healthy baby daughter Elanie, who weighed a normal 7lbs 5ozs.

Life coach Yulia stuck to a raw vegan diet consisting of massive quantities of fruit, vegetables and juice in order to get enough energy for her baby, as well as her hours of running, cycling and lifting weights.

Surrey native Yulia said: “There’s no excuse to be fat in pregnancy. I exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and ate a healthy vegan diet.

“I didn’t want to be eating for two – being pregnant is no excuse to pig out.”

Every morning, Yulia started the day with a whopping eight mangoes.

For lunch, she ate her way through ten bananas and entire bunches of iron-rich spinach.


Yulia completed a triathlon while pregnant with her daughter

For dinner, she carried on her health-kick by eating massive avocado salads – washed down with the juice of a dozen oranges.

She said: “My midwife thought I was crazy and urged me to eat more.

“People in the gym would come up to me and ask if I was okay – people thought I was crazy but I did what I wanted.

“I never exerted myself, did too much exercise or tried lifting weights that were too heavy for me.

“If anything, I took things a bit easy.”

Yulia moved to the Indonesian-island of Bali in 2009 with husband Paul, 41, to set up a healthy life-coaching business.

When Yulia was 27 she decided to research alternative options to battle her chronic tiredness, fertility problems, dry skin, dark circles and deep depression.

She said: “I read up on the benefits of being vegan.

“I had such a desire to become pregnant, but experienced issues. I was heavily depressed and suffered from chronic tiredness.

“Suddenly my life started to change when Paul and I became completely vegan.

“We threw ourselves into it and started working out twice a day.”

In June 2013, the vegan fanatics fell pregnant, and in April the following year, the proud parents welcomed little Elanie into the world.


Baby Elanie has made the couple a family

She said: “I was not about to stop my lifestyle. I continued working out and two weeks after finding out, I completed a triathlon.

“As the pregnancy developed I continued to work out twice a day and eat a vegan diet.

“Even five months into the pregnancy you couldn’t tell. From behind I just looked normal.

“I continued to exercise once in the morning with a job and light weights and then yoga, swim and cycle in the afternoon.”

While Yulia may have had some funny looks from people in her local gym, she wouldn’t change a thing about her pregnancy.

She said: “I felt such a connection to my child. I would be working out and feel her kick – I think she liked it – she was just as active as her mummy.

“My midwife was concerned, especially with my diet.

“She wanted me to get more protein but I knew what I was doing.

“Two weeks after birth I had already dropped to 8.5 stone.

“My weight gain was purely the baby, and now I am back in the gym and breast feeding my baby.

“When I fall pregnant again I wouldn’t change a thing.

“I’d run a marathon whilst carrying a child if I could.”



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