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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Electric Vehicles

Electric bikes continue to grow in popularity across the globe. In fact, they’re predicted to boom just as their car counterparts are doing right now. Despite this ever growing popularity however, there are still fears and doubts surrounding electric vehicles, namely bikes. It seems the more people grow to love them, the more myths surround them, giving people false information.

E Rider Ltd, we have an array of bikes available, from electric bicycles to electric mopeds, electric motorbikes and even electric delivery scooters. We supply some of the best quality bikes on the market, using the best technology available and despite knowing just how incredibly powerful and reliable they can be, we’re constantly hearing one crazy myth after another.

From electric bicycles being the lazy person’s option to them being bad for the environment and even unable to be ridden in the rain; it’s time to put the myths to bed and actually share why so many people are choosing to ride electric bikes for business and pleasure. We think you might even be a little surprised. Let’s take a look.

Electric Bike Myths Busted

From helping the environment to helping our wallet, electric bikes offer some fantastic benefits. Electric bicycles however, have gained a reputation for being the ‘lazy person’s bike’. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Electric bikes were designed to be 50/50 pedal assist, so the rider does half the work.

While the rider may exert less effort on their regular journey, the vast majority of riders have found they now cycle much greater distances. This means instead of only certain journeys being ridden via bike, the vast majority are ridden by bike. The benefit in terms of health for most is incredible as their cardiovascular system gets worked far more than it normally would.

As we all know, electric vehicles are the most environmentally friendly choice. The fact that many believe they aren’t is baffling. Electric bikes do not create any emissions and therefore are much healthier for our environment. They pose no threat to our ozone and as such, are a much friendlier choice. What’s more, the batteries that each bike contains can be recycled, further emphasising just how safe these bikes are for our planet. Let’s not forget that if we’re using an electric bike more, we’re using our carbon monoxide emitting vehicle less.

Many people believe that electric bikes are too limited in terms of the distance they can carry out within the capacity of one battery. It’s worth noting however, that the capacity of a battery is very much dependent on the bike you’re riding. While an electric bicycle may be limited to around 15mph and a 45 mile limit on distance, electric cargo bikes can offer a speed of 50mph and a range of 80 miles.

Well Known Benefits Of Electric Bikes

For lovers of motorbikes, one of the biggest draws is always the power and torque. Unfortunately, electric motorbikes seem to have gained a reputation for lacking both of these. With recent advancements in technology however, electric motorbikes have become powerful machines and with 100% torque, provides rapid acceleration. While they may not necessarily be the familiar feeling of a surge due to the delivery of said power being so linear, there’s no denying that the power available ‘under the hood’ of an electric motorbike is nothing short of awesome.

While there are of course a number of riders who love the sound of a motorbike, it’s fair to say that a great majority don’t. Not to mention the rest of your street when you start the engine before an early morning commute. With an electric motorbike, that incredibly loud and disruptive roar simply isn’t there. It’s antisocial, it’s annoying and it isn’t necessary.

This means that for those riding pillion, the joys of listening to music can now make a comeback and we guarantee your neighbours will be incredibly appreciative too. Some are so quiet in fact that many people don’t even hear them coming so be sure to make yourself familiar with the hooter so you have plenty of time to notify people should they unknowingly step out in front of you.

Save Money With Electric Scooters

One of the most surprising things about electric scooters and electric bikes as a whole is just how much money you can save with them. Not only are they very reasonable to buy initially, as well as incredibly affordable to lease but the money they’ll save you on a day to day basis is just incredible. Instead of spending hundreds per month on petrol, you’ll find yourself spending a fraction of the cost in electricity. You’ll also find yourself free from the likes of tax, MOT’s and costly maintenance associated with the engines in regular road bikes.

Electric bikes lack air filters, spark plugs and timing belts, all of which need replacing and repairing. With little to check, that equals little to go wrong. Even down to the brake pads, which are known to last a lot longer for the simple fact that an electric motor will tend to do most of the braking. Apart from saving you money, you’ll also find this saves you an incredible amount of time also.

Electric Mopeds Are Life Changing

If you had reservations about electric bikes before this, then we’re hoping we’ve managed to help eliminate them. Electric bikes, from electric assisted bicycles to powerful electric motorbikes and even electric delivery bikes are incredibly machines. Not only do they help save you money, but they offer a comfortable ride using a renewable source of energy.



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