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Fears You Need to Overcome to be Successful

The best way to get over being afraid of something is to live through it. Once you have, you generally see your fears were unfounded. In most cases, the primary factor undermining success is fear.

With that in mind, here are some fears you need to overcome to be successful.


If the people you respected as a child said you’d never amount to anything, your incentive to try something new is probably severely retarded. Sadly, far too many people are walking around with that messaging in their heads. Worse, it has caused them to place too much credence on what others think of them. As a result, they are afraid to try anything because they worry other people will say they never should have because they aren’t good enough.


Many people have had a lot of good ideas at which they’ve taken one or two stabs and abandoned. The moment they hit an obstacle, they think they’ve failed and they quit. Meanwhile, even though there are hundreds of reasons a project could fail, it only takes one reason to make it work. When you fail at something, what you’ve really done is found a way that it won’t work. If you keep going, you will eventually find a way it will work.

The Unknown

Remarkably, some people are afraid of what they don’t know. As irrational as it sounds, fear of the unknown is a very real thing even though we all come into this life knowing absolutely nothing. Think about it, babies don’t know how to talk or walk, but they learn. So of course you don’t know everything you need to know about how to sell books online—or whatever other endeavor you might want to undertake—but like a growing child, you can learn.


When you think about it, every invention developed by humankind came about out of discomfort. Finding food at random created discomfort, so people learned to cultivate. Seeking shelter at random wasn’t comfortable, so people learned to construct homes. Walking everywhere was a pain, so people learned to ride horses, which evolved into cars, motorcycles, busses, ships and planes. Discomfort is simply a catalyst for change.


“Why should I spend the next five years learning to do something that might make me successful when I’m already doing OK? I’ll be 35 by the time I’m done with all of that training.” Here’s the thing though, how old will you be in five years if you don’t get the training? You’ll still be 35—right? Except, you’ll be 35 without the training. Age is nothing to fear. You’re never too old to learn, you’re never too old to change and you’re never too old to be successful.

Each of these fears you need to overcome to be successful is a product of a natural aspect of the human condition. Fear is nature’s way of reminding us to proceed with caution when we’re about to undertake something we don’t understand. But it was never meant to prevent us from trying. This is why successful people use fear to motivate themselves to find innovative solutions.



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