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Furious Mum Hits Out After Daughter Has Chunks Of Hair Cut Off By Another Youngest At NURSERY

A furious mum has hit out after claiming her three-year-old daughter had chunks of her hair cut off – by another pupil at NURSERY.

Mandy Emmerson, 38, said her youngest daughter, Honey now keeps asking if “she is a boy” after having her pigtails and fringe chopped.

She claims an “over-excited” pupil used a pair of scissors to cut Honey’s locks while playing ‘hairdressers’.

Ley Top Nursery in Bradford, West Yorks., is now investigating following the shocking incident on Thursday, June 6.

Mum-of-five Mandy, from Allerton, was reduced to tears after laying eyes on Honey’s hair for the first time, which is so short in places that you can see her scalp.

A before and after shot of Honey’s hair.

Her daughter usually had her shoulder-length hair tied in pigtails with bows but is aware that she “looks different to her sisters”, says Mandy.

The dental nurse claims the incident unfolded without any intervention from eight staff members in attendance.

She said: “I got a phone call from the Head of Early Years last Thursday saying that another pupil had cut Honey’s hair.

“She said that staff couldn’t be expected to watch the children at every moment but there were eight of them there, so how did they let it get that far?

“I don’t place any blame on the child whatsoever. The teachers have not done the job they’re paid to do. It’s a serious safeguarding issue.

“It could have been 100 times worse. She has only ever had a tiny trim before this.

“It has been a nightmare. As a parent, it makes you sick because you think your child is safe in a nursery surrounded by professionals.”

Honey at home with mum Mandy.

Her two youngest children, Honey, three, and Beau, four, attended Ley Top Nursery up until last week but are now with a childminder during working hours.

Mandy’s oldest daughter, Mylie, seven, still attends the school, which is in a separate building to the nursery.

Mandy has spoken out to highlight the shocking incident to warn other parents.

“I spoke to the headteacher and the Head of Early Years on Monday and asked if they could take the scissors out of action while their investigation was going on,” she added.

“I’d not even realised originally that children as old as five attended the nursery and the scissors the older kids use are obviously quite sharp given that they cut Honey’s hair off.

“The school told me that they couldn’t take the scissors away as the kids needed them to do their arts and crafts.

“I thought that was ridiculous, as if a teacher had been attacked with them, they would have suspended their use and the pupil straight away.”

In a statement, Ley Top Primary School headteacher Sandra Rouse, said: “I completely understand the upset that this incident has caused for the family.

“We’re investigating what happened and I have met with the mother to explain this.

“I do want to reassure parents that all the equipment that our Early Years pupils use is the same as that found in other schools.”



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