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GeneralHealthMust Read‘I Endured Months Of Hell With A Monster’ – Domestic Violence Survivor Whose Partner Threatened To ‘Beat Her Baby Out’ Sets Up Support Group That Has Already Saved 20 Lives

‘I Endured Months Of Hell With A Monster’ – Domestic Violence Survivor Whose Partner Threatened To ‘Beat Her Baby Out’ Sets Up Support Group That Has Already Saved 20 Lives

A domestic violence survivor whose partner threatened to ‘beat her baby out’ has set up a support group that has already saved 20 lives.

Amy King, 32, was lucky to survive and keep her baby after a series of horrific attacks by her ex partner Jack Farley.

She was subjected to a 17 month reign of terror at the hands of the thug including during one attack when he told her violently get rid of her baby.

Farley, 25, was sentenced to 21 months in prison in May this year – but only served four.

Now, the mum-of-four from Totnes, Devon, has decided to use her experiences to devote her life to helping others who find themselves in a similar situation by setting up a support group.

Through the Domestic Violence Personnel Unit, Amy has already helped around 9,000 people around the globe – and saved more than 20 lives.

Amy also runs a separate suicide support group on Facebook.

She said: “Both domestic violence and suicide are close to me.

“I endured months of hell with a monster and was then let down majorly by the justice system.

“My ex-partner pleaded guilty to a string of attacks, even when I was pregnant, and he was only sentenced to 21 months in prison.

“He then only served four months. That was all he got for 17 months of domestic violence and a year of stalking.

“When I told him I was pregnant he threatened to beat our baby out of me. When we were together he smashed 21 televisions in my house in seven months.

“I kept replacing them to hide it from the kids. He would do it when they were away at their dad’s. He would say, ‘no face no case’. He didn’t believe in witnesses.

“I kept them sheltered from it until the very last when he threw the Calpol bottle at my head in front of the kids while I was pregnant.

“That was it for me and I reported him to the police.”

Although Amy has four children, two live with their father due to the domestic violence she suffered.

She says it is losing them that reduced her to an all-time low.

She recalled: “I have lost family members through suicide, and when I lost two of my kids I felt that low that I thought my only option was to jump in front of a train.

“I had lost everything. I spiralled down the path thinking I had no-one so no-one would miss me.

“Although I was pregnant at the time and I was the victim, I felt like I was being treated like a criminal. I was where these people are that call us for help; I was lost.

“What stopped me was something my disabled daughter said. Until that moment I hadn’t thought how ending my life would affect others. It hit hard me hard.”

The suicide support unit has 600 followers and she and her volunteers have talked around 21 people who had been intent on ending their lives.

Among those she has helped was a man who was moment away from deaths saying he was going to set himself alight.

After having a telephone conversation with Amy he is now getting the help he needs.

Amy King shows off the bruises after one of the many attacks by her ex-partner Jack Farley.

The grateful man said: “I had been going through a really hard time. I got to the end of my tether and I was about to end my life.

“I had enough of the fight, and then my phone pinged and the app for DVPU came up with its number.

“I really couldn’t believe it. I rang the number, left a message and within seconds I got a call back and spoke with Amy.

“She really brought me down from my bad place and saved me from the brink of death.”

The support service offers help over the phone and Amy has also provided emergency support in person on six occasions.

Amy King, 32.
Amy King shows the wounds inflicted after one of the many attacks by her ex-partner Jack Farley.

She admitted: “It’s continuous for me. Every night I get between three and four calls.

“I have had to set up two business lines so I can answer all calls with the help of 16 volunteers in Devon.

“We get calls from everywhere, even Texas. I find the time because I’m an insomniac.

“I just don’t sleep so doing this occupies me and had I not been there for some people I think the outcome for them would have been different.”

On the domestic violence side, Amy says it is both men and women who are reaching out for help.

She said: “What I hear puts your life in perspective because you realise that there are people worse off.”



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