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Meet Britain’s Best Fancy Dresser: Mum Creates Amazing Halloween Costumes For Her Little Girl

These pictures show Britain’s best Halloween fancy dresser – a little girl who wears a series of amazing costumes designed by her mum.

Siobhan Smith, 25, first created a homemade costume for her daughter Caoimhe Flynn, aged five, in 2015 and has only got more adventurous with her ideas.

Her first costume for Caoimhe was a granny followed by a Starbucks paper-style coffee cup, the Statue of Liberty and a Transformer.

This year the inventive mum hilariously dressed the youngster up as Glasgow’s iconic Duke of Wellington statue.

Siobhan aims to upcycle material and the most she has spent on one of her amazing designs is £25.

The childcare student, from Govan, Glasgow, said: “Every Halloween I try and hand make all her costumes.

“It was a wee granny first but she was one and just walking.

“Then the second one was Starbucks then the Statue of Liberty, then the Transformer and now the Duke of Wellington.

“The wee granny one was all stuff I had so it cost nothing.

“The Starbucks one was about £10 for the material and £5 for the paint.

“Then the Statue of Liberty was about £10 for the material.

“I just try and think of the most random stuff.

“I’m arts and craftsy and enjoy a challenge.

“She [Caoimhe] never really asks to be these, she’s quite laid back.”

Mum Siobhan was heaped with praise after making a Transformer costume last year.

To create it she used cardboard boxes she got while she worked at McDonald’s and fairy lights she bought for £5 from eBay.

She said: “The Transformer was tricky and something completely different.

“In Govan everyone couldn’t wait to see it.

“I was doing a wee half an hour every night over five weeks to make it.

“She was quite worried she couldn’t get back up properly and this one she thought a lot of people would laugh, but then she said she loved it.”

For her latest work, Siobhan was inspired to replicate the Duke of Wellington after a light-bulb moment when she was about to throw away Caoimhe’s old rocking horse.

The Duke of Wellington costume is the most expensive one Siobhan has made – costing just £25 to make.

Caoimhe Flynn dressed as a Granny in 2015, aged one.

Caoimhe already had a black top and black boots, so Siobhan bought a secondhand black leather jacket and a sports cone from eBay, and black leggings from Amazon.

Siobhan said: “I was going to throw out the horse then I thought there was something I could do with it.

“I just painted it black and bought the black leather jacket and leggings.

“She already had a black top and black boots.

“I sawed the rocking bits off it and attached the wheels.

“It was for her after school care party and she’s still got her school disco to go.”

Proud of her handiwork, Siobhan posted a picture of Caoimhe dressed up on social media which went viral – attracting more than 6,000 likes and 5,000 shares.

Siobhan, who believes she now has her work cut out to better the Glasgow landmark, said: “Most people didn’t think I could top last year’s but now they’re saying the Duke of Wellington is better.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do next year now.”



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