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Meet The Real-Life ‘Mermaid’ Who Can Earn More Working Once A Week Than She Earned Working Full Time

Meet the real-life ‘mermaid’ who can earn more working once a week than she earned working full time in previous jobs.

Rosemarie Palmer, 23, took the plunge and set up her own business as a mermaid entertainer in May this year, following her childhood dreams.

The mother-of-one decided to become a ‘full-time mermaid’ as she wanted to inspire her three-year-old son to follow his dreams.

The former nail technician and hairdresser had grown up wanting to be a mermaid and, after hearing about mermaid entertainers online, she decided to make the career change.

Determined Rosemarie said it was “the best job ever” despite months of vigorous training to learn to swim in the thousand pound tail.

Operating under the name, Mermaid Sirena, Rosemarie said: “I’ve had a massive interest in mermaid-ing for years.

“As a kid, I would binge-watch mermaid movies and television programs, such as H2O Just Add Water, Aquamarine and The Little Mermaid.

“I’ve always loved performing, and even though I enjoyed my other jobs, I didn’t really have much passion for them.

“After watching videos of other mermaid entertainers on YouTube, in May this year I came up with the idea of setting up my own business.

I went to a mermaid convention and bought my own tail made of silicone, which cost over a thousand pounds.”

Rosemarie Palmer, 23, with partner Jake boys, 24, and son Theodore, 3.

Since diving into the marine world, Miss Palmer has performed at Todmorden Pride, entertained at children’s birthday parties, and has been spotted at Blackpool beach, splashing around in the sea.

She said: “I love how all the children’s faces light up when they see me. They get so excited and it’s such a magical experience for them.

“Because of the tails silicon material, it goes slimy just like real fish scales.”

Rosemarie offers a range of entertainment services for children, including swimming parties, mermaid make-overs.

She also delivers mermaid educational talks, where she speaks about the dangers of polluting the oceans and the harm it causes marine wildlife.

Charging around £175 for an hour, children can enjoy everything from playing games to making crafts.

However, it’s not easy being a mermaid, as she explains it takes 20 minutes to get her tail on, and her legs are bound so tightly together that moving around is very difficult, and going to the toilet is near impossible.

Rosemarie, from Accrington, Lancs., said: “I use a wheelchair to get around when I have the tail on and have assistants to help me dress, but I can’t go to the toilet at all while I’m entertaining.”

Despite loving her new career choice, she admits not everyone understands her desire to perform as a mermaid.

“My three-year-old son, Theo, loves it and tells all his friends his mum is a mermaid, but my partner, Jake, thinks I’m completely wacky.

“I love being a full-time mermaid though and have so much passion for my career.

“I can make more in a day that I could work a full 60 hour week in my last job, it’s much more flexible too.

“I tend to do two-hour parties on a Saturday and that works out the same as what I made before.

“It really is the best job ever.”



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