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Mother was advised to ABORT her perfectly healthy baby


A first-time mum who refused to abort her son after doctors told her he would be “severely disabled” is over the moon – because he was born perfectly healthy.

Ciaran soon after being born with mum Gemma

Ciaran soon after being born with mum Gemma

Medics warned Gemma Rodgers her 20-week-old foetus would be born paralysed, incontinent and would have no quality of life.

Gemma, 24, was urged to terminate the pregnancy, but was so desperate to be a mum she refused the procedure – and says it’s the best decision she has ever made.

Ciaran, now three, was born with no health problems and has defied doctors’ predictions to learn to walk and be potty trained.

The student from Cumbernauld, Scotland, is now slamming doctors at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

She said: “A mother’s instinct is always right and I knew from the moment I was told he would be disabled that I didn’t want to give up hope on my son.

“I’m so glad I didn’t because he is perfect in every way.

“He is a real miracle and I am furious at the doctors who told me to get rid of him.”

Gemma and her partner at the time Ross Kelter, 31, a floor layer, were devastated when they were told at the 20 week scan that their baby would be paralysed.

Doctors warned the unborn baby boy had spina bifida – meaning he would never walk, talk or go to the toilet for himself and would be a burden on them for his drastically cut-short life.

She was advised to terminate the pregnancy then and there, but the mum-to-be chose not to give up on her son.

She said: “When we were told our baby would have no life at all, we were heartbroken.

“But I’ve always wanted to be a mum and just couldn’t bear to terminate my pregnancy.”

Little Ciaran was born in May 2012 weighing a healthy 5lb 13oz by caesarean-section at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, before being whisked away from his mum for tests – for three days.

She said: “Doctors said he would need a shunt fitted in his brain to drain any fluid and it was written into his medical notes that he had been born with the severest form of spina bifida.”

Incredibly, Ciaran defied doctors’ predictions by being absolutely fine – and he even learned how to walk at just 15 months old.

Although doctors said he would be incontinent and wanted to catheterise him as a baby, Ciaran, now three, is now fully potty trained and happy and healthy.

Gemma was advised to abort the pregnancy at 20 weeks

Gemma was advised to abort the pregnancy at 20 weeks

Gemma said: “I would very much like an apology from the hospital.

“I could have terminated my pregnancy because of their warnings and I don’t see how they could have got it so wrong.

“The moment I saw Ciaran walk was the best day of my life, it was amazing. Now as he gets older, I see he is just like any other child. He is a real miracle.

“I know doctors have a job to do, but they should be absolutely certain before telling someone to terminate a pregnancy.

“Regardless, I’ve got the greatest son in the world and we our happy family feels complete.”

Glasgow Royal Infirmary have been approached for a comment.




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