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Mum Calls Police – After Domino’s PIZZA Order Is Cancelled

A skint mum who splashed out £37 on Domino’s pizza for her family called the POLICE when the order was cancelled.

The woman, known only as Clair, ordered the slap-up feast for her three children aged 15, 13, and five despite having just £44 in her bank account.

But the kids were left in tears when the oven broke at the Domino’s outlet in Plymouth, Devon.

The pizza chain apologised but was unable to process the refund until the next day – meaning Clair did not have enough money left to feed her family.

They ended up having “crisps and things” for dinner and went to bed “hungry and upset”.

Clair said: “I phoned the police to ask if they could help, I was nearly crying. They said there was nothing they could do and I had to phone Domino’s.

“The manager didn’t even offer for me to go to the other store. I said can I come and collect the money back from them and they said no they can’t do that.

“I had £7 left in my account.

“I used the last of my money to pay for the order that they accepted, they left it an hour before phoning me up to tell me I couldn’t have the order because the oven had broke.

“I explained I had no more money, I said so you going to leave my kids with no food to go hungry, that’s it then, they don’t get to eat tonight.”

To make matters worse, it took a further five days for Clair’s bank to process the refund into her account.

She added: “I really, really wish I wasn’t there to see the disappointment on my youngest son’s face, not to mention the fact that they were hungry and upset.

“They took £37 and left us left us with nothing.

“When I said I would call the police to ask for them to help me she just replied okay then and that was it.”

A spokesperson for Domino’s said: “Our store oven broke, so we apologised and refunded the customer the following morning.”



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