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Mum Fears For Two-Year-Old Son’s Health In Rat Infested Home

This shocking footage shows two mice running around a living room shared with a terrified mum – who says she has spotted HUNDREDS of rodents over the last year.

Sarah Stables, 23, says within the last 12 months she has witnessed the vermin infestation at her “rat and mice-infested” home she shares with son two-year-old son Joseph.

Unemployed mother-of-one Sarah says she has even found rat droppings at her rented property in Preston, Lancs., despite being visited by pest controllers several times.

Sarah is constantly being forced to take Joseph to the doctors because he keeps getting ill – which she believes is because of the rats at their home.

Sarah Stables, 23, in her mice and rat infested house

Sarah Stables, 23, in her mice and rat infested house

Speaking about the infestation, Sarah said: “We have no idea where they’re coming from – but they’re absolutely everywhere.

”It makes me depressed, I can’t sleep and I can’t eat because I’m always worried where they’ll be.

“They’ve definitely been breeding because more and more keep coming.

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times pest control have come round and they do kill some of them but they always come back.”

Sarah says she may even be forced to move out her home if they can’t find a way to get rid of the infestation of rats and mice.

Pest control experts are scheduled to visit on March 17 again – but by then she fears that might be too late.

Speaking about her son’s health, Sarah said: “There’s been easily more than 100 rats and mice in my house and I’ve already had to take my son to the doctors because he’s been ill.

”I don’t know if it’s caused by the rats but it definitely isn’t helping and l just want it sorting as soon as possible.”

Mice and rats at Sarah Stables' house in Ribbleton.

Mice and rats at Sarah Stables’ house in Ribbleton.

A spokesperson for Preston council said: “We appreciate no-one wants to find mice in their house.

“Our pest control technicians have visited the property on a number of occasions to try to eradicate the problem, but unfortunately haven’t been able to find the source of entry.

“Consequently this hampers the steps our officers can take to resolve the situation.”



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