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Mum Furious After Panicked Daughter Called Claiming Teacher Had Locked Them In The Classroom

A furious mum has slammed her daughter’s school claiming a teacher locked a class of pupils inside a classroom – for leaving it untidy.

Suzanne McNab was shocked when her daughter Emily, 14, called her in a panic – saying their teacher had left and locked the door of their classroom.

Emily said the entire class had been locked inside by a teacher because they had left it untidy at Millbrook Academy in Brockworth, Glos.

Suzanne said: “My daughter called me in a state saying they were locked in. I hung up and called the school straight away and asked if this was what they allowed.

“They said it wasn’t and would deal with it straight away.

“I’m furious that they could have done this. They are not allowed to do this, anything could have happened.”

Susanne Mcnab and her daughter Emily Mcnab

The school insists the teacher never locked the Year 9 class in – or never even intended to.

They say only threatened to do so to ensure they cleaned the classroom before they left.

A school spokesman said the issue was “thoroughly investigated” by the academy and social services following the allegation from Ms McNab three weeks ago.

He said, “Towards the end of a lesson a teacher, anxious that the class would be late in moving on to their next lesson, did threaten to lock them in if they did not pack up quickly and leave.

“The academy and social services are satisfied that there was never any intent by the teacher to lock them in, rather it was issued as a warning.

“Appropriate action has been taken against the teacher, which was not a suspension from his teaching duties.

“Social services are totally satisfied in the way that the matter was handled by the academy.”

Millbrook Academy, Gloucester.

But Ms McNab, from Hucclecote, Gloucester, said she believed her daughter that the door had been locked during the incident three weeks ago.

“He might not have left the door but he had turned the key so when another student tried to get in the room they couldn’t get in,”

She added she was unhappy that more action was not taken against the teacher.

The academy, rated by Ofsted as ‘inadequate’, has had a difficult few years after changing headteachers four times since 2014.

It has also received a letter from the Department of Education serving it formal notice to improve.

The academy has previously hit headlines for adopting a zero-tolerance policy on behaviour from students, resulting in 60 pupils being put in isolation in one week at one stage.

Jane Bee, senior local authority officer at the Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Board, said: “We have advised the parent to follow the school’s complaints procedure, as is normal practice.”

A spokesman for Ofsted said: “We do not confirm or comment on any complaints received.

“However, we take all concerns seriously and consider them as quickly as possible.”



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