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One Women’s Trash! – Clothing Designer Makes Dress Out Of Ghost Netting To Raise Awareness

An eco-minded fashion designer has created a dress made out of salvaged ghost fishing nets left or lost in the ocean by fishermen.

Dr Linda Thomas, 46, is an active beach cleaner and towards the end of last year was collecting plastic when she discovered a massive ghost net.

She was inspired and after finding it was too heavy to haul off the beach, contacted a charity who collect nets from the ocean.

(Fraser Marchbank / SWNS)

Then Linda, from Kingsdown, Bristol, spent six months making their recovered nets into amazing bright green netted dress.

She said: “It took me six months and I just finished it.

“I’m part of the two-minute beach clean community and I picked up a really big bit of ghost net with my family at the end of last year.

“I was picking up the ghost net just as part of doing a beach clean but it made me wonder if I could make it into another ocean plastic dress.

(Fraser Marchbank / SWNS)

“In the end, it was too heavy so I got in touch with Fathoms Free, who dive to rescue net, and got a different one from them instead.

“The bodice corset part is made from individual spirals, woven together, and there’s more than 100 of those sewn together with ghost line.

“It was fairly challenging, I had to pick all the other bits of ghost net off by hand, and the seaweed.

“The most difficult part was that there are different kinds of ghost net. It would take me days to untangle before I could use it.

(Fraser Marchbank / SWNS)

“I’m hoping now that organisations will get in touch with me so it can go on display or be used in galleries or exhibitions – anywhere it can raise more awareness about the issues of ghost netting.

“It’s a big problem, the effect is that as ghost net sinks down into the ocean it traps multiple marine animals, particularly large predators such as seals and whales.

“100,000 whales are lost every year to ghost net – it’s horrific.”



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