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Parents Fuming After Headteacher Bans Children From Wearing COATS

Furious parents have blasted a headteacher who has banned pupils from wearing COATS on school premises.

Children can wear jackets to and from school, but must take them off when they are on the grounds, which includes the playground.

Forecasters predict showers until Friday (28/4) and temperatures will rarely hit double figures at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School in Coventry, this week.

But despite the uneasonal weather, the school texted parents on Friday (21/4) stating: “During the summer term, no outdoor coats are allowed in school.

“Students can wear their jumper under their blazer if it is cold.”

Pupils who break the rules by wearing a coat over their uniform risk being handed an after-school detention.

Mum-of-three Karen Pidley, 46, who is a carer and has one child in the school, Jessica, 14.

Parents have slammed headteacher Bridget Morris, saying the ban was “ridiculous” and potentially “dangerous.”

Writing on Facebook, Pamela Griffiths said: “I can’t see the difference in wearing a coat in the winter term to the summer term.

“The kids have to stay outside during breaks whilst the teachers are in cosy rooms. If my daughter wants to wear a coat she bloody well will.”

Scott Loughran added: “I wasn’t even sent the text and when I was told Sunday I was disgusted.

“See how the school react when the kids are all off with flu and colds after sitting in wet clothes all day.”

Val Delieu said: “Absolutely ridiculous. Blazers are not warm enough.

“It’s ok for the teachers they go to work in their car – what about the pupils that have to wait for a bus or walk to school?

“As long as their coat is within the school colours I really don’t see what the issue is.”

Harris Ali, 53, a council worker with a son in year 12

Tracy Donaldson, 38, said: “I received the message on Friday and think it is ridiculous.

“Quite a few of my friends have got the same message and they are in different years, so it must be something happening all across the years.

“It is a ridiculous thing, especially trying to tell my child what they can and can’t wear.

“There are also children that have conditions meaning they are always cold. What about those people?

“They have got their priorities wrong. They should be dealing with bullying.

“And to tell a parent what their children should and shouldn’t be wearing is not right. It is my choice whether my son goes to school in his coat or not.

“This is Britain and the weather changes every hour.

Cardinal Wiseman School in Coventry

“I don’t even know when the summer term is, I think it could be starting from today until they break up in July.

“But because it was raining on Monday morning, my son went to school in his coat. So we will see if he comes home later than normal if he has been punished or not.

“My son’s said he will be punished if they wear outdoor coats.”

Furious dad Graeme Boyle, 45, stormed: “It might be the summer term but there’s been snow in some parts of the country this week.

“To ban children from wearing coats is not only completely unnecessary but actually quite dangerous if the youngsters have to sit in soaking wet clothes all day.”

Last year the school, which caters for 1,356 pupils aged 11-18, was rated as ‘Good’ by Ofsted, up from an ‘Inadequate’ rating in 2014.



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