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Schoolboy Is Hailed As The Next Grandmaster After Annihilating The Rest Of The Field In The World’s Largest Chess Tournament

A schoolboy is being hailed as the next Grandmaster after annihilating the rest of the field in the world’s largest chess tournament.

Denis Dupuis stormed to victory in his age group section of the Delancey UK Schools’ Chess Challenge, beating thousands of fellow chess wizzes.

The ten-year-old, from Wandsworth, south London, won an astonishing nine of his ten games, drawing the other.

Former British chess champion Grandmaster David Howell, who commented live on the final, described the youngster’s win as “very impressive”.

Denis’ coach, Grandmaster Glenn Flear, said: “It’s Denis’s enthusiasm and passion for the game that is the real reason for his progress.

“It also goes to show that, despite him concentrating on his busy year for exams, he hasn’t lost his touch! May he go onto even greater things!”

The champ in all his glory

More than 40,000 kids entered the Delancey tournament, from 1,200 schools across the UK.

Its first stages were in March, with two hundred players eventually making it to the two-day final held in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

In total, Denis, who practices at Battersea Chess Club, won 26 out of his 29 games – with most lasting around an hour.

On his way to victory he bested another chess prodigy – Shreyas Royal, the world’s youngest Candidate Master, who he met in the grand final.

Denis’s dad Réjean said: “Denis told me this was his best day ever, he is very happy with the outcome.

“He’s worked very hard over the last few years on his chess to get here – lots of missed birthday parties, holidays and ice hockey games – we are very proud.”

Denis picked up a winner’s cheque of £600 for his efforts.

Concentrating on his chess game

Leon Watson, who teaches chess on the online learning platform Chessable, added: “Denis has been training hard and it shows.

“He’s a special talent but anyone can become a strong chess player if they put the work in.”

Grandmaster Simon Williams added: “I could tell after meeting Denis that he had tremendous talent.

“He had this Grandmaster on the ropes during our encounter which is not bad for someone so young.

“Winning the under tens section is an amazing feat, as it is where the elite of chess players nationwide battle it out.

“Denis has the potential to go a long way, especially with the correct backing.

“Denis and his father were two of the most charming people I met at Battersea Chess Club.

“This didn’t remain with Denis at the board though, where he played like a beast.”




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