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Schoolgirl Was Astonished When She Found A Mark On A Grape — That Looked Exactly Like A Giraffe

A schoolgirl was astonished when she found a mark on a grape — that looked exactly like a GIRAFFE.

Matilda Macmillan, six, was eating her breakfast when she spotted the tiny animal on the skin of the fruit.

The tiny giraffe even appeared to have markings identical to the real creature – as well as an elongated neck, pointed ears and long legs.

Matilda showed the grape to her mum Jo, 36, during the morning school rush, and it took a while for the busy mum to realise what she was talking about.

The family from Whitchurch, Hampshire, have put the grape – bought from Tesco Express – into the fridge for safe keeping.

Mum-of-three Jo said: “I was doing her hair and she had just finished her croissant and she asked for some grapes.

“She noticed a mark and said ‘what’s that on the grape?’ and I told her ‘It’s fine to eat’.

“She said ‘mum there’s a giraffe on my grape’. It’s so busy in the morning and I said to her ‘just eat it up’.

“But she showed me again and what do you know, there’s a giraffe.

“I looked and said ‘oh my goodness that’s amazing’.

“I took a picture and sent it to some of the family.”



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