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Straight-A Pupil Booted Out Of Classroom For Having Purple Hairdo

A straight-A pupil has been banned from the classroom by “Nazi” teachers – because she dyed her hair PURPLE.

Elizabeth McMasters, 15, is studying her GCSEs but is forced to sit in solitary confinement because the school said her new locks breached their uniform policy.

Mum Hazel Browning, 47, who coloured her daughter’s hair last week as a treat, branded Nunnery Wood High School in Worcester “Nazis” for booting her out of class.

She also claims her daughter, who is in top set for all her classes, was barred from wearing trousers.

Hazel Browning with her daughter Elizabeth McMasters with her purple hair.

Ms Browning, who has six other children, said: “I did her hair. She’s gone purple.

“It’s a permanent colour which means it has to grow out or be recoloured.

“The school rang me up last Thursday.

“They said they are going to segregate Elizabeth because that’s not part of the uniform.

“I was quite narked about this.

“I called them Nazis.

“They have pulled her up on that and also on trousers.

“They are trying to pick up on their policies and their uniforms.

Elizabeth with a scarf on her head.

“But they can’t be Nazis about this.

“I don’t think it’s fair.

“I don’t want to think of my daughter going into a building with control freaks.

“They want her to wear a skirt.

“I will never send my daughter to school in a skirt.

“I’m a mother of six boys – I know what boys are like.

“They have isolated her again.

“She went back into school with a scarf on her head.

“The head of Year 10 rang me and said it’s not good enough that Elizabeth’s hair is purple.”

Ms Browning says she is unable to use a shop-bought product to remove the colour from Elizabeth’s hair because she suffered an allergic reaction.

The school, which caters for 1,350 pupils aged 11-16, achieved a ‘good’ Ofsted rating at its last inspection.

Head teacher Stephen Powell said: “The school has a very public and clear uniform policy.

“In extreme situations we do ask students to work from the main body of students until parents have a chance to follow the school’s expectations.

“The uniform policy is there to allow all students from all backgrounds to look and feel the same and all students are treated absolutely equally within that policy.

“It’s the point of the policy.

“In our last large scale parents’ survey we had a 100 per cent approval rating for leadership and management of the school.”



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