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Student Banned From Lessons For Wearing Earring That’s Thought To Alleviate Migraines

A teenager has been off school for five weeks after she was banned from lessons for wearing an earring – that her mum says stops her getting migraines.

Storm Jarrold, 15, was ordered to remove the stud, which is in a part of her ear called the tragus, or face being put into isolation away from her peers.

Her mother Sarize Hill, 42, has pulled Storm from school in response to the “ludicrous” demand, claiming the piercing eases Storm’s “agonising” migraines.

Alternative medicine proponents argue some ear piercings stimulate nerves under the skin and muscle tissues, thereby producing pain-relieving substances, such as endorphins.

However, health charity The Migraine Trust have previously said there is no evidence ear piercings work to help headaches.

Helen Redford-Hernandez, headteacher at Hungerhill School, Doncaster, South Yorks, said the school has a “clear uniform policy” that year 10 student Storm is in breach of.

Mrs Hill, who owns a cleaning company, said: “It’s a tiny little stud in her ear.

“She’s not wearing it as a fashion statement, she’s wearing it because it helps her feel better.

“I read up on how holistic jewellery can help relieve pain so she got a piercing done, a tiny little stud.

“I even got her a translucent one so it can’t be seen.

“It helps her with her migraines and since she has started wearing it, she has been feeling a lot better.

“But because it’s not in her lobe the school says it is in breach of its policy on jewellery.”

Mrs Hill said she’s met with Mrs Redford-Hernandez to discuss the issue but that the headteacher won’t allow Storm back until the tragus piercing has been removed.

She added she will home school her daughter for the foreseeable future.

Mrs Redford-Hernandez said: “Hungerhill School has a clear uniform policy which includes a section on the wearing of jewellery.

“This is published on our website under the section for parents.

“The policy is understood and followed by the majority of our parents, who are very supportive and understand the need to make sure their children wear our uniform correctly and with pride.

“Our belief is that the uniform sets a clear standard of personal appearance and students are expected to comply with the policy at all times.

“It is with regret that, occasionally, the policy is not adhered to.

“In this case we may ask students to go home and change or invite parents in for a meeting to resolve the issue.”

Mrs Hill said Storm has had numerous appointments with doctors and opticians to try and determine the cause of the migraines.

She’s due to have a sinus operation later this year, which could alleviate the problem.



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