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Stunning Brunette Has Gone On 77 First Dates In Bid To Find Mr Right

A lovelorn beauty is desperately trying to find ‘the one’ before hitting 30 – after going on almost 80 first dates.

Stunning brunette Anna Heaton, 29, wants a man to sweep her off her feet before she hits the big 3-0 next year – and triple figures in her failed attempts to find her dream man.

Over the past two years the project manager, who marks every date out of 20 in a spreadsheet, has met men on dating apps, through her mum and even appeared on TV’s Take Me Out.

Anna appeared on ITV’s Take Me Out in a bid to find true love

In her quest to find Mr Right, after becoming single two years ago, she has been on hundreds of dates with 77 different men – but none have been up to scratch.

The serial dater does give most guys several chances, but she hopes she can reel in her dream man before her 30th birthday in May next year.

Anna said: “I went on my 77th first date on Saturday, I think it’s because I’m too picky.

“It’s always me that ends up not wanting to date more and a lot of them think there is something wrong with me.

“I know what I’m looking for and I just haven’t found it.

“I often have a lot in common with people but the spark just isn’t there, I just don’t fancy them.

“I would like to not get to 100 before I turn 30, but that is probably the reality.

“I’d never settle for anything but the best, but I did think that by 30 I would be on the verge of being engaged.

“All my friends are married and have boyfriends and I’m the one that is left.”

Anna and her TV date on the Island of Fernando’s


After appearing on Take Me Out in April Anna was bombarded with texts from previous exes who were shocked to hear they had been given individual ratings in her spreadsheet.

On the show she was picked by Neale Smith, 30, from Northampton, but Anna decided not to take it any further after they got back from the ‘mythical isle’ of Fernando’s – Tenerife.

Her sexy spreadsheet, which started out as a joke by her work friends, includes a strict rating scheme before marking each partner out of 20 in categories including ‘looks’, ‘personality’ and ‘spark’.

But the singleton, from Battersea, south west London, admits she is “very picky” but has no plans to settle for someone that isn’t Mr Right.

Anna, a project manager at a digital agency, said: “I am still keeping a spreadsheet.

“It makes me sound neurotic, but I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than be with the wrong person.

“I just want to find that one person, my friends at work set it up fort me and they kept it up to date and would ask me about the dates.

“But when I mentioned it on TV and I had so many exes texting me and asking for their score.”

The search for Mr Right continues…

Part of pretty Anna’s problem is that she has very specific needs in a partner.

She said: “He’s got to be tall with a rugby player physique.

“I like a posh boy with a pink shirt, nicely dressed and someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

“I can’t stand a man without a sense of humour.”



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