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Swimming School Is Teaching People To Become Mermaids

These little girls have been transformed into Disney princesses – thanks to classes which teach them to swim like MERMAIDS.

Youngsters are taught to mirror the movements of a mermaid in the pool and are each given fishy tails to use during lessons.

They also sell the attire to go with it including – tails, bikinis, and accessories – allowing you to get the full mermaid experience.

Planet Mermaid girls swimming with their mermaid tails at Polam Swim School in Bedford.

Jo Brainbridge, 36, who works at Little Mermaid teaching classes, said: “Being a mermaid is every girls dream.

“They watch films like ‘The Little Mermaid’ wanting to be Ariel, with a long tail and long flowing hair, like the princess she is.

“The idea is the movements are slow and graceful, making the swimming look effortless.

“The costume gives you full support to complete the swimming style and the fin enables a greater speed and the two systems are the essence of mermaiding.

“Mermaiding encourages users to listen to their bodies whilst travelling through the water and working their core muscles to get them to travel.

“Looking fantastic whilst swimming and covering up from waist to ankle is a dream come true for many mermaids.”

Jo says swimming with the fin helps to improve their technique in the water and is “great for the core” because the legs are doing most of the work.

Planet Mermaid holds weekly swimming classes called “Mermaid Wave Swim” which promise to improve cardio and provide an all over body workout.

Jo added: “The course is designed for children aged three and upwards, we feel all children should be able to experience being a Mermaid.”



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