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Teen Golf Star Showed Off His Skills By Doing The Bottle Cap Challenge – Using A Ball And A Chip Shot

This is the moment a teenage golf star showed off his skills by doing the bottle cap challenge – using a ball and a chip shot.

Garrett Clark, 19, performed his own version of the latest viral craze by chipping the ball up to knock the cap off a bottle balanced on his pal Stephen’s head.

Stephen joked he “only got hit four times” while Garrett perfected the incredible shot, and a video of the stunt shows them looking at each other in disbelief when he manages it.

The teenager – who only started golfing six years ago – did another bottle cap challenge, by hitting a ball off a paving slab, so it bounced back and knocked the lid off a bottle.

Garrett, from Kansas City, USA, said it was “a pretty easy shot” and only took him a handful of tries.

The lad spends more than 20 hours a week on the course and shares his amazing trick shots with his 102,000 followers on Instagram at @gm__golf.

He said: “The movie was taken on the green we built in our side yard of our house.

“It’s just a creative idea to do the bottle cap challenge.

“It’s a pretty easy shot for me with one bank involved so it only took a handful of tries.

“I set my camera up on a tripod to capture the shot.”

Garret got hooked on golf when he went to a three-par course with his neighbours – and staggeringly got a hole-in-one from 85 yards with a 7 iron in his first ever game.

The teenager practices on the green he installed at his home with his cousin Micah.

The bottle top tricks were filmed on July 5.



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