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Teen Who Emigrated To Australia Before Finishing High School Travelled Almost 9,000 Miles Back To England So He Could Attend Prom

A teen who emigrated to Australia with his family travelled almost 9,000 miles back to England so he could attend his high school prom.

Jack Robinson, 16, emigrated to Darwin, Australia in 2016 but made a promise to his devastated teachers he would be there on the big day.

Almost two years later, Jack snuck into the event – where hundreds of his school friends saw him for the first time since he had jetted across the world.

The teenager said he had settled into the ‘Australian lifestyle’ but England would always be his home.

Mike Robinson (grandad), Jack Robinson, 16, Sheila Robinson (grandma).

He said: “It’s so nice to be home again and see all my mates.

“It was definitely worth flying all that way for, I absolutely loved it.

“I have kept in touch with all my mates on social media but it was amazing to see them all in person.

“A big group of 12 of us got ready for it all together and its crazy to see how although we have all changed it’s still the same as before.

“I told them I was going to come before I’d even left the country two years ago but I’m not sure they all believed it would happen since it’s so far away.

“But we’d been saving as I’d grown with them boys so I needed to be there for the prom.

“My teachers were all still the same and asking me how I was getting on with school in Australia, so nice to see they still care about me.

“Everyone was thanking me too for bringing the lovely Aussie sun to England in time for the prom.”

Ashley Robinson, 49,Grace Robinson 13, Claire Robinson 39, Jack Robinson, 16.

Jack, who is originally from Hull, East Yorks., emigrated to Australia with his mother Claire, 39, father Ashley, 49, and sister Grace, 13.

His father Ashley, who put the plan into place for him to return, said Jack never lost contact with his friends and couldn’t wait for the event.

He said: “We decided to make the move to Australia in 2016.

“When Jack told his teachers we were emigrating they were absolutely gutted.

“I remember telling them ‘we will be back for the prom’ but I suppose at the time it may have just been an empty promise.

“Jack never lost touch with his friends and talks to them almost every day, he was definite he wanted to return.

“His teachers rushed out of the hotel as soon as they saw him to get photographs, they were so surprised.”

Jack Robinson, 16.

The plan hit a few stumbling blocks, including the fact Jack’s passport was due to run out in May.

Ashley added: “I told him by hook or by crook we will get you there.

“It was a bit of a last minute rush.

“We only got his passport back in May so it was only at the end of May when we booked the flights.

“Jack was adamant he was going to be there and it is all he has talked about since we left England.

“His friendships with his mates will last a lifetime.

“I’m very glad everything came together and he could be there.”

Jack Robinson, 16.

Unfortunately Jack’s mother Claire couldn’t fly back to England with the family due to work commitments but Jack has kept her up to date with his incredible trip.

The family begin their journey back to Australia on Wednesday, July 4.



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