Roxanna Louisa Wallace, 50, (left) and Jo Wallace, 44, (right) pose for a portrait near their home. Gloucester, England. See SWNS story SWSWAP: A miserable father can finally have a joyful relationship with his son after beating depression – by becoming the boy’s second MOTHER. Up until two years ago, 50-year-old Roxy Wallace was a burly bodyguard named ‘Bob’ who suffered from such severe depression he never played with his son William. But one day cross-dressing Bob finally opened up to wife of 20 years Jo, and said he wanted to live as a woman called Roxy. Ever since, Roxy, now a stay-at-home mum, has had a better relationship with nine-year-old William, who is on the autistic spectrum, because living as a woman has helped her beat her battle with depression.

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