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CrimeGeneralMust ReadThug Who Threatened To Slit His Girlfriend’s Throat After Flying Into Drunken Rage Is Jailed

Thug Who Threatened To Slit His Girlfriend’s Throat After Flying Into Drunken Rage Is Jailed

A thug who threatened to slit his girlfriend’s throat after flying into a drunken rage has been jailed.

Michael Wheeldon, 26, launched at his partner Hannah Clarke-Lowe after she collected him from a Christmas party.

While she drove him home, he repeatedly opened the car door and shouted at her before calling her a “psycho and a nutter”.

When they got home he continued drinking before grabbing three kitchen knives and threatened to stab her with them.

Police were called and following a 30-minute stand off he was finally arrested.

Wheeldon, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, was jailed for 12 months after he admitted affray at Warwick Crown Court.

Miss Clarke-Lowe picked Wheeldon up on December 15 last year after he had been out for a Christmas work do and took him back to their home in Kingsbury, Staffs.

Prosecutor William Douglas-Jones said Wheeldon was “significantly under the influence of drink,” and began shouting at her.

He said: “On getting into the house, Miss Clarke-Lowe threw her bag to the floor in the hallway out of frustration at his behaviour, at which Wheeldon called her a psycho and a nutter.

“She went up to the bathroom to get ready for bed, and could hear him banging the walls and doors downstairs, so shouted at him to stop because there were children asleep next-door.

“Wheeldon reacted by rushing upstairs, then went back down and returned with three large kitchen knives which he pointed through the bannister, blocking her path to the landing.

“He threatened to slit her throat while she slept, and when she ran back into the bathroom and locked herself in, he began banging on the door.”

She came out after he had calmed down but then he launched at her again and told her would stab her “here, here and here,” pointing to different areas of his chest.

Miss Clarke-Lowe suffered a panic attack before calling police who dashed to the property at 1.30am.

Police bodycam footage played in court showed Wheeldon appearing at the window holding a large knife.

Officers then burst into the property and wrestled Wheeldon to the floor before arresting him.

When he was later questioned, Wheeldon said: “I have no recollection of anything.”

Sharon Bahia, defending, said the incident had been “a wake-up call” for Wheeldon.




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