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Young Entrepreneur Fills Office With Giant Ball Pit, Takes Staff To Vegas And Gives Out Limitless Holidays!

This boss must be one of Britain’s best – giving his staff take as much holiday as they like, taking them to Vegas and even filling the office up with a gigantic BALL PIT.

Lee McAteer, 32, set up his company Invasion in 2010 and says he wants to make his office the “most fun in the country”.

The spontaneous leader describes himself as a “big kid at heart” and likes to “constantly surprise” his team.

Earlier this month he decided to fill his Manchester-based office with 250,000 brightly coloured plastic balls – and staff only found out when they arrived at work last Wednesday (May 3).

He said: “I believe if you enjoy your job then you never work a day in your life – so I try to make the office as fun as possible.

“It took us from 3am to 8am to fill the office with quarter of a million balls.

“They guys couldn’t believe it and they absolutely loved it.

“We wanted to reward the guys for all their hard work and we like to do things differently.”

The ball pit in the offices of Invasion in Salford, Manchester.

Lee had spotted the Ball Mania ball pit was travelling around England and says he thought “why not put that in the office?”.

His Invasion brand runs trips and breaks to destinations across the globe – including Americamp and Camp Thailand – so travel is a big part of the company’s culture.

Some people have loved his brand so much they have even had it tattooed on them.

He has even sent some to Disneyland and Wrestlemania.

In March he took ten members of staff on a trip to the US which included New York, Atlantic City and finally Vegas.

He said: “It was mental we went to Vegas for Spring Break with some of our top performers.

“We stayed in the Bellagio and ended up at a David Guetta pool party.

“It was all crazy. We started in New York, went to Atlantic City and ended up in Vegas.

“A lot of the guys get to travel.”

As well as the English office he has two members of staff from Madrid who he also flew to Vegas because he did not want them to “feel left out”.

He also often sends staff out on his company’s travel packages to Thailand and America to give them a feel of the products they are working on.

Lee McAteer, 32 after buying McDonalds for all the staff at the offices of Invasion in Salford, Manchester.

But whilst they are away he tells them to make sure they “have fun” and do not treat it like a work holiday.

He says he never checks his senior staff’s holidays and that they know “what needs to be done” so as long as it is he does not mind.

The office joker recently won an award for for being one of the top apprentice employers in the country – and surprised one apprentice with VIP treatment for him and his mates in Magaluf.

He’s also done some massive food treats for his workers – including buying masses of McDonalds – including 22 McFlurries – and pizza for everyone.

He even got a bacon butty van to turn up outside the office one morning to dish out sarnies to staff.

He also believes in promoting young employees to top roles – saying age does not matter to him because “if you’re good enough, you’re old enough”.

Lee McAteer, 32 with staff of Invasion in Salford, Manchester.

The office is even kitted out to look as fun as possible every day.

The place is decorated with huge movie statues all over the place including a Star Wars stormtrooper, Sully from Monsters Inc. and a massive Bart Simpson.

Ross Alcock, 22, works as a Marketing Manager at Invasion and said Lee is a great boss to work for and “always willing to go the extra mile” for his employees.

Invasion offices in Salford, Manchester.

He said: “Lee’s brilliant – we’re always having fun and he’s always taking people away.

“I’ve worked here three years and I’ve been away loads of times. We went to Wrestlemania and now I’m actually working on setting up tours for people to go.

“I spent five months in Thailand running one of our projects.

“If you ever need any help or have any problem he can help.

“I get brought in in a lot of big projects and he just lets me get on with them and run.

“He’s a great guy to work for and he’s always going the extra mile for people.”



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