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AnimalsHealthMust ReadA Brave Dog Needed Rescuing By Coastguards When He Fell 100ft Off A CLIFF

A Brave Dog Needed Rescuing By Coastguards When He Fell 100ft Off A CLIFF

A brave dog needed rescuing by coastguards when he fell 100ft off a CLIFF.

Archie miraculously emerged unscathed despite falling seven storeys when he chased a bird off the edge of the clifftop.

The four-year-old terrier was trapped on an area of coastline only accessible by sea and a lifeboat crew was sent to rescue him on the Isle of Wight.

Crew members were astonished to find Archie showing no sign of trauma from his adventure when he was lifted to safety at Watcombe Bay on Tuesday morning.

Archie was found perched on a ledge after he slipped under a fence and plummeted off the cliff at Fort Redoubt.

Pet owner Mr Knoakes, who was on holiday from Norwich, alerted the coastguard at around 11.40am and was reunited with Archie 30 minutes later.

Lifeboat helm Kai Hall, from the Freshwater Independent Lifeboat crew, said: “Archie was very well behaved on the way back.

“It’s a concern for crew when dealing with animals, they are often scared and can be unpredictable.”



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