Triplets – Carter Joel Higgs (White top) and Carson Alan Higgs (Blue top) who were born on 24th March 2015 weighing 5lb 12oz and 5lb 5oz pictured with IVF triplet sister Mazy Linda Higgs aged 3. A proud mum has given birth to triplets – who are three years apart in age. Denise and Glen Higgs from Braunton, Devon had their daughter , Mazy , three years ago through IVF treatment. See swns story SWTRIPLETS. Denise gave birth to twins Carter and Carson last week, again through IVF – using the same batch of embryos used for Mazy. Glen said: “I was diagnosed with cancer aged 20 and so I had some sperm frozen. Then, I met Dee and we attempted IVF for the first time and got lucky with Mazy . They froze the embryos, so we had about six. “Three or so years later we tried again, and were lucky again. We put two embryos in and ended up having twins. IVF doctors and nurses explained they’re triplets but years apart – which is a bit scary.”

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