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Child Left “Heartbroken” After Being Banned From Play Centre For Swearing – Despite Suffering From Tourette’s Syndrome

A seven-year-old boy has been left “heartbroken” after he was banned from his local play centre for swearing – despite suffering from Tourette’s Syndrome.

Little Charlie Binding was ordered out of the activity centre after his neurological condition caused an uncontrollable outburst of “foul language”.

But mum Danielle Hillier, 29, said Charlie is a “kind and loving” son who does not intentionally want to upset anyone.

She said: “I’m outraged. He did say a few words, as he does, and we were rudely asked to leave, even after explaining what’s wrong with him.

“I am used to people staring at him when we’re out and about, but things like this just make life so much harder for him to enjoy himself.”

Danielle, of Milverton, Somerset, said the original incident at AJ’s activity centre happened eight months ago – but she was recently told her son is no longer welcome there.

Charlie Binding and his mum Danielle Hillier.

She said: “I recently phoned to ask if they have any special days for children with disabilities and they said ‘yes’.

“But when I asked if we could attend, we were told that Charlie is not welcome at all.

“It is such a shame, because there were a couple of ladies who used to work there who would tell me how lovely and caring Charlie is with others.”

Charlie, who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome and ADHD, suffers ticks that see him shout out swear words, twitch and snort.

“It’s not always swear words. We can have a different set of ticks each day, including screaming and snorting,” said Danielle, who is a full-time carer for her son.

She said Charlie, who boards at Marchant Holliday School in Wincanton, Somerset, is “heartbroken” and has been made to feel naughty.

“He’s a very kind and loving little boy and integrates well with other children, but he does scream out words,” she said.

“It’s really unfair how he’s been treated because AJ’z was Charlie’s safe place and he’s heartbroken.

“He always asks if he can go back because he really enjoyed going there to let off steam.”

Danielle cannot drive making it difficult for her to find an alternative play centre to take Charlie.

She added: “People are generally understanding when I explain and he comes to my fitness class with me and joins in no problem.”

AJ’z director Kath Haywood, from the play centre in Frobisher Way, Taunton, denies any knowledge of the incident.

But she said: “It’s our policy to ask any children or adults to leave the premises should there be any biting, fighting, foul language or sickness, for the comfort and safety of our customers.

“We’re unaware of this incident that allegedly took place several months ago.

“We provide a facility to the CAOT group – (for autistic children) – once a month.”



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