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AnimalsHealthMust ReadDog Treats Laced With NEEDLES Found Near Children’s Play Park Could Have Caused ‘Unimaginable Damage’

Dog Treats Laced With NEEDLES Found Near Children’s Play Park Could Have Caused ‘Unimaginable Damage’

Dog treats laced with NEEDLES found near children’s play park could have caused “unimaginable damage and pain”.

The shocking discovery was made near Titwood Park, in Glasgow, on Monday (November 4), by a local walker.

Stephanie Scanlon, of Tartan Pet Services, said she was appalled when she stumbled across the potentially fatal dog treats while walking two greyhounds and a whippet.

She has warned pet owners – and parents who visit the nearby play park with children – to be extra careful when in the area.

The 29-year-old reported her “frightening” discovery to Police Scotland and posted a photo of the treats online to raise awareness to local people.

However she claims officers have told her the incident is “not a targeted attack” and the force will be taking “no more action”.

But she believes the treat-like balls of dough were placed in the park and has hit out at the “completely unacceptable” behaviour.

Stephanie, dog walker at Tartan Pet Services, said: “It’s honestly quite frightening that people think this is an acceptable thing to do, to want to harm any type of animal.

“For someone to take time out of their day to put pins in a piece of food and place it outside a children’s play park is completely unacceptable.

“It could of caused an unimaginable amount of internal damage and pain to any animal that ate it, wild or pet.

“Not to mention the emotional pain caused to the owner of the pet.”

Police Scotland have confirmed they received reports of the treats being found, and a spokesperson for the force confirmed the “white substance” had been tested.

The force said the substance is “not harmful”.

Stephanie has moved to warn dog owners in the Polloksheilds area of Glasgow to be extra careful and keep dogs on a leash at all times.

She said: “The advice I would give is be vigilant and as sad as it is to keep your dog on leash if you have any concerns.

“Always walk around enclosed spaces to check for tainted food or toys before you let your dog off and if you are walking at night take a torch to light your path.

“Any one could of been harmed there are a lot of fallen leaves about at this time of year so anyone could have stood on them or slipped and fallen on top of them.

“Children are in serious danger. There are so many levels to this that it’s truly scary that it’s not being taken seriously.”



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