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Dozens walk past grandmother as she lies in the street pleading for help

A grandmother was left growling to a neighbour’s home after dozens of strangers on the streets of Bedford ignored her pleads for help.

Joan Veysey, 83, suffered a broken nose and two black eyes after tripping on an uneven pavement in her home town.

But her pleads for help were ignored by passers-by for more than ten minutes.

Joan Veysey,83

Joan Veysey,83

Despite blood pouring down her face, pedestrians turned a deaf ear, leaving Joan struggling up to her feet.

The mother-of-two was eventually taken to hospital but her daughter was left disgusted by the citizens of her home town.

Her daughter, Dena Martindale, 56, said: ‘If it had been a dog lying there on the floor someone would have done something.’

‘She was asking people ‘please help me’ but nobody wanted to get involved, everyone was worried about the consequences, it is very sad.’

Joan is normally able to stand on her feet but she lost her footing while out shopping near to her home in Bedford, which made her more vulnerable than usual.

‘Thank goodness my mother is determined and strong-willed and managed to find her own help.’

Miss Martindale said: ‘My mum is an amazing woman but this has thrown her.

‘The fall, people not helping, it has all left her in shock. Her well being has suffered.’




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