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Hairless Bulldog Puppy Found Wandering The Streets Alone Now Has A Loving Home And Thick Fur

Uplifting photos show the transformation of a tiny hairless bulldog found wandering the streets – which now has a loving home and a thick coat of fur.

Lilou was just seven months old when she was picked up by rescuers covered in sores and suffering from a respiratory condition.

Much of the neglected puppy’s fur had fallen out and she was terrified of everything and everyone, according to her owner Cora Frazer.

As a severe medical case, Lilou, a bulldog mix, was placed with an emergency foster in California in September 2015, who helped her battle through the infections.

Lilou shortly after being taken in.

She later moved to Northwest Dog Project (NWDP) in Eugene, Oregon, where rescuers treated her damaged with daily medicated baths and massaged her with coconut oil.

The process caused all of her hair to fall out and left her totally naked with bright pink skin but Lilou, who now has almost 7,000 followers on Instagram, gradually got better.

Lilou shortly after being taken in.

Emma Scott, co-founder of NWDP, said: “Lilou was pretty fearful and shut down when she first arrived. Everything was baby steps with her.

“Myself, my pack and all the amazing volunteers at NWDP spent months helping her build her confidence while she gained her health back.

“She quickly lost the little bit of hair she did still have and went through her “naked” stage.

“She had daily mediated baths, medication, a special diet, coconut oil rubs downs and of course a whole lot og love.

“The months went by and Lilou grew stronger and healthier and goofier by the day.

“She stole hearts all over the world.”

Lilou shortly after being taken in.

Vintage shop owner Cora, 37, says she fell in love with little Lilou as soon as she saw a photo on the shelter’s Facebook page.

She and her partner Carl Ernst, 41, adopted Lilou – who also has a jutting underbite which causes her tongue to loll out – in January 2016.

Two years on, the once-terrified pooch has built up her strength and confidence and enjoys hilltop walks and cuddles with Cora, Carl and their three other dogs.

Incredibly, Lilou’s hair also began to grow back and now she’s furrier than ever – much to the delight of her near 7,000 fans on Instagram.

Lilou as she is now with Cora Frazer.

Cora, of Eugene, Oregon, US, said: “It is just amazing to think that this puppy that was considered garbage by someone has come so far.

“When Lilou was picked up she had a terrible case of mange and she was this terrified little puppy.

“To me, it was one of the most heartbreaking things. She just looked totally depressed and she had no energy. She was in such bad shape.

“She was with Northwest Dog Project for about three months and as they were taking care of her they were posting all these photos.

“We really got a sense of her sweet personality. How could you not fall in love with that little pink thing?”

Lilou as she is now.

Cora said Lilou was terrified of her and Carl when they first took her in but she slowly began to trust them and their other three dogs, Yogi, 11, Hope, five and Birdie, four.

Because of her fear of people, Cora suspects Lilou was dumped by a breeder who wanted a purebred bulldog and had no use for her because she is not full-bred.

The pup is still wary around strangers and gets frightened in crowds but loves exploring the countryside and adores going for walks.

Lilou as she is now.

Cora added: “Lilou’s life has changed so much. Her skin will always be a little sensitive but other that she is doing so well.

“She loves to be active and to run around and hike and play and wrestle.

“She has the loveliest personality and we feel like the luckiest people in the world.

“Sometimes we stare at her and think, ‘How did we get to be her parents?’ We can’t believe she is ours.”

To keep up with Lilou, follow her on Instagram @lilouthebulldog.



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