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Hero Woman Who Gave Heart Attack Boyfriend CPR ‘Saved His Life’

A ‘hero’ woman who gave her boyfriend the literal kiss of life when he had a heart attack said she was only able to save him after learning CPR from television.

Paramedics told Georgia Groom, 20, that her partner Jack would probably be dead if she had waited just 30 seconds longer to help him.

The terrified girlfriend used techniques she had seen on Holby City after Jack woke up next to her gasping for air, before telling her he was “going to die”.

Jack Norman in hospital after he had a heart attack.

Georgia said: “I was crying. So many emotions were racing through my head.”

She immediately rang for an ambulance and followed the instructions of the call handler.

The law firm administrator added: “She said to call her back if he got even worse. Then he started fitting.

“The last thing he said to me was, ‘Georgia, I’m going to die’. He dropped to the floor and went completely white, stone cold. It was awful.”

“I laid him on his back and performed CPR. After about three to five minutes his heart started beating again.

“At least, it felt that long. I honestly thought I had lost him.

“I learned through watching Holby City. The woman was counting with me but I knew what to do from watching it on TV.”

The ambulance then arrived in 10 minutes and paramedics took over.

Georgia added: “They said he was very lucky and he would not have made it.”

Jack, also 20, said: “Georgia’s my hero. At the end of the day, I owe her my life. It’s been a scary experience.

“Especially as she didn’t have any training, it makes it even more wonderful that she did that.”

The retail worker added: “It’s very eye-opening. It’s brought us closer together and we’re definitely not taking life for granted.”

The couple from Stevenage, Herts., were friends at school but became closer after leaving and have been together for 18 months.

Luckily, Georgia had just moved in with Jack at his parents’ house in Stevenage, where he would have been home alone as mum Victoria, stepdad Matt and 13-year-old sister Isabella were on holiday in Spain at the time.

Jack Norman in hospital after he had a heart attack.

Mrs Norman said: “She called an ambulance and, completely on her own in our house, performed CPR – for which she had never had any training,” said Victoria.

“Her actions saved my son’s life. She showed courage and bravery, and her ability to remain calm shows a true hero.”

Reflecting on the ordeal, Georgia said it had not “sunk in yet”, adding: “I’m so overwhelmed with the amount of messaged I’ve received.

“I do feel so proud and I never thought I would’ve been in a situation like that.

“I was not calm but I was calm enough to know what I needed to do to save the person that I love.”



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