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Horrifying Photos Show How Tot’s Meningitis Rash Grew To Cover His Whole Body In 24 Hours

A mum has shared graphic photographs showing how her baby son’s meningitis rash spread from a few dots on his back to cover his entire body in just 24 HOURS.

Four-month-old Ashley-Jay Greatorex, was rushed to hospital last week after being struck down by a high temperature.

His mum Annabella Hanslow, 26, was terrified when small red dots on his back quickly spread across his body.

Doctors were left baffled when his condition rapidly deteriorated because the rash was “different” to those usually seen in meningitis cases.

But after a series of tests, worried Annabella was told he was suffering from meningitis and septicaemia.

Ashley-Jay, who is “very, very poorly”, remains in Hospital where he is being treated with his mum Annabella and dad Kieran, 28, by his side.

Annabella has now shared horrifying photographs on social media to warn parents about how quickly her baby son’s rash spready across his entire body.

Ashley-Jay Greatorex before the meningitis stuck

Ashley-Jay Greatorex before the meningitis stuck

The mum-of-three, who lives in Walsall, West Mids., said she was told to “prepare for the worst” as Ashley-Jay’s temperature soared to 39.8C.

Writing on Facebook, she said: “The glass test failed for us. It still disappeared. He has a wheezy cough and sticky eyes that are blood shot.

“He’s been through so much torture to get the answer we need. It isn’t fair at all.

“Staring into his eyes .. his eyes are asking for help and I can’t give it him. I feel awful.

“Trust your instinct don’t let others tell you different.”

The mum also warned parents that the meningitis rash “doesn’t always start like they say it does”.

These horrifying pictures show how a baby's meningitis rash spread from a few "dots" on his back to cover his entire body in just 24 hours.

These horrifying pictures show how a baby’s meningitis rash spread from a few “dots” on his back to cover his entire body in just 24 hours.

SWNS_MENINGITIS_BABY_09She wrote: “He started with high temp. Fine he was! Till I noticed a few spots.

“Then spread really quick! Not flat but not raised as such either.

“This is a different rash to the normal they come across they have never seen it spread so quick!

“They couldn’t work out the rash at all, they were confused. The first pic with the little dots was from yesterday morning. The last is from this morning.

“Please if anyone worries about it. Go get checked asap [as soon as possible]!”

Annabella initially gave Ashley-Jay some Calpol after he fell ill with a high temperature on Monday last week (6/3).

The medication brought the baby’s temperature down but the mum was worried when he was still ill the next day.

Annabella then noticed several red dots on her Ashley-Jay’s skin and took him straight to her GP on Wednesday morning (8/3).

Ashley-Jay was immediately transferred to hospital where he remains on a drip.

SWNS_MENINGITIS_BABY_10Today, Annabella said the tot is “more alert” and aware than in previous days but is going to have blood tests to check his infection level.

She added: “He’s slowly getting there it just takes time.

“We are still really worried and not a day goes by without us thinking the worst. It’s a cruel illness and I wouldn’t wish it on any child.”

Sharing an update on her son’s condition on Facebook, she added: “He’s having bloods done tonight. His fluid intake on the drip has been reduced.

“He looks like he’s okay. He’s looking at you more then he usually does and being more alert.

“Which is all great signs but he is still very very poorly. The infection level is at 233 when they last checked .. we will find out tomorrow what it is now.

“Cross fingers it comes down. But the medicines haven’t changed yet.

“But today is a good day and thank you all who are sending there loves and thoughts and prayers it means the world.”

Annabella’s sister Beverley Summers has set up a Facebook page to raise awareness of Ashley-Jay’s plight called Support Baby Ashley.

SWNS_MENINGITIS_BABY_12Beverley wrote on the page: “Can we get lots of prayers to support my sister and her partner to get baby Ashley well again. He is fighting meningitis and septicaemia.
“Come on little man, get well soon.”

* Meningitis affects thousands of people in Britain every year with symptoms including nausea, vomiting, fever, confusion, drowsiness, cold hands and feet, neck stiffness and a severe headache.

Another classic symptom is a blotchy rash which usually appears as small, red pinpricks at first before later developing into red or purple blotches.

The Men B vaccine is recommended by the NHS for babies aged eight weeks, 16 weeks and one year as part of its routine childhood vaccination programme.

The vaccine protects against infection by meningococcal group B bacteria “which are responsible for more than 90 per cent of meningococcal infections in young children”.



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