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Inspiration 90-Year-Old Dancing Granny Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down

An inspirational 90-year-old grandmother who struts her stuff at twice-weekly Zumba classes has encouraged others to follow her lead.

Isobel Stuart, who celebrated her milestone birthday earlier this month, first tried the dance-fitness programme in January 2011 when a flyer dropped through her letterbox.

But despite her age, the nonagenarian has no intention of hanging up her dancing shoes.

Isobel from the Mannofield area of Aberdeen, said: “I remember seeing the poster and saw that it mentioned that Latin dancing would be involved.

“I knew that would be a bit of me and as long as music is involved then my feet are always tapping.

“It was really good and within three weeks I decided that I was hooked and was going to take it up.

“The following month there was a Thursday class as well as the Tuesday session, and ever since I have been doing it twice a week.”

Isobel met her late husband, Bill, at a dance when she was 16.

Zumba fan, Isobel Stewart, Aberdeen, celebrates her 90th birthday

The couple shared a passion for the art, and regularly ballroom danced together for more than two decades.

The 90-year-old does not feel her age when she dances at the Airyhall Community Centre in Aberdeen and will keep going for as long as she can.

She added: “The girls are lovely, it’s such a jolly crowd. They are so nice.

“If there’s somebody new at a class, then a few of us will go and introduce ourselves.”

“My favourite song was Neil Sedaka’s Calendar Girl and we used it in every class.

“Then one day I said ‘Calendar Girl is past its sell-by-date, we should do away with it and replace it with Glenn Miller’s In the Mood’, and I think the majority of the class enjoys that.

“My daughter-in-law says I’m an inspiration to older people, so I will dance as long as I’m able to.”



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