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Kitten Ventures Outdoors For The Second Time – And Gets Stuck In A Car Engine For 40 Miles

This tiny kitten had a traumatic experience after venturing outside for only the second time in its life – and got trapped in a car engine for 40 miles.

Chi the tabby crawled under the grill of a neighbour’s Citroen Berlingo shortly before they headed off to the shops.

They returned reporting ‘strange noises’ from the engine – and a quick search found the moggie squeezed into a tiny gap.

Chi was treated for burns but is otherwise expected to make a full recovery.

Kaylie Banks, 30, whose 13-year-old daughter Courteney owns Chi, said: “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her – she was quite injured and she was shaking.

“It was a miracle — though it’s safe to say she’s lost some of her nine lives. And hopefully she’s learned her lesson!”

The drama began at 10.30am on Easter Monday when Chi went missing from Kaylie’s house in Southwick, West Sussex.

Their neighbours – aged in their 60s – were unaware the pet had crawled into their car and headed off for a day out to nearby Lancing, Worthing and Steyning.

Kaylie and Courteney were only reunited with Chi when their neighbours returned at 5.30pm.

“I knocked on my downstairs neighbours’ door when they got back,” said Kaylie.

“His face just fell, and he said they’d pulled over when they heard a lot of banging and clattering and scratching coming from inside the car.

“They waited for three or four minutes apparently, before thinking it may have just been a temporary car glitch or something — and went off again.”

Kaylie rushed Chi to Brighton PDSA Pet Hospital, where she stayed overnight for treatment to burns and grazes.



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