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AnimalsHealthMust ReadME-OWW! – Cat Has Miracle Escape After An Aerosol Can Exploded In Its Face

ME-OWW! – Cat Has Miracle Escape After An Aerosol Can Exploded In Its Face

A cat had a miracle escape after it was engulfed in flames when an aerosol can exploded in its face in a freak accident.

Moggy Nina suffered singed fur and burnt whiskers when the 79p Aldi spray was ignited from a spark from a gas oven.

Owner Alison Beardmore, 43, was putting away the shopping at her home in Hixon, Staffs., last Thursday (13/9) evening when the spray fell on the floor.

The mum-of-one said: “I’d been to Aldi to get some shopping where I brought the can of spray, I gave it a little squeeze at the time to test if it was OK and it seemed fine.

“I got it home and I thought I’d get into my pyjamas, I put some pizzas in the oven.

“The can was knocked onto the floor and the entire contents started to fizz and foam and just leaked out and spilt on to the floor.

“Then there was bang and a huge ball of flame. I screamed and my son came down the stairs to see what happened.

“It was instantaneous and the fireball was out in a second but all you could smell was burnt fur and Nina was .

“Poor Nina was caught in the flames and her fur melted to her skin and her whiskers were burnt off.

“She had to go the vets twice for a good checking over and I had to take her for another dose of injections and she’s on anti-inflammatory medicine.

“She’s definitely used up most of her lives now, she’s an old cat now but she seems fine.

“It’s lucky she had think fur, I think this has saved her from being cremated.

“It was such a shocking experience, I had nothing on my feet and my legs were singed.

“You can see where the flames were the carpet tiles in the kitchen have melted.

“Imagine if a toddler was there instead, it doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Alison, who lives with partner Carl Mannyon, 40, has complained to Aldi about the spray can.

She said: “It must have been a faulty valve, other people have been saying the same thing on Facebook.

“I have contacted Aldi and they have only offered me a refund of 79p but I think they should withdraw the cans until they prove they are safe.”

An Aldi spokesperson said: “This product undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it is safe to use and we have not received any other complaints of this nature.

“We have asked Ms Beardmore to return the product to her nearest store so that we can investigate her claim fully.”



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