Jessica Knight age 4 who eats furniture and carpet underlay .

Jessica Knight age 4 from March, Cambridgeshire who has developed an addiction to eating carpet underlay and other household furniture. See MASONS story MNEAT: The mother of a girl with a rare disorder fears she will ruin all her furniture after the four year-old started eating sponge from chairs and even her little sister’s rocking horse. Kelly Will, 36, first discovered something was wrong with her daughter Jessica Knight when she started eating a faux leather child’s chair bought for her when she was two. At the same time the youngster began eating cement stones from pavements and sand from play areas. Worried Kelly took Jessica to her GP but was told it was just a phase the little girl would grow out of. Kelly warned Jessica that what she was doing could make her ill – but as a result the youngster became secretive about her habit. Last year Kelly found the carpet in her daughter’s bedroom loose – and realised she had eaten half of the room’s sponge underlay.

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