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Mum gives birth to baby girl inside a minute of reaching hospital

A baby girl was in such a rush to enter the world she was born in less than a MINUTE – just as her mum stepped in the hospital doors.

Mum Jessica Stubbins, 24, had just arrived at the hospital when she felt her daughter coming.

Her husband, Tom, was parking the car but Jessica couldn’t wait and “did what she had to do”.

Within seconds of pushing, baby Lucy Georgia had popped out and natural mum Jessica flipped her newborn upside down to release the umbilical cord from around her neck.

Tom and Jessica Stubbins with their daughter Lucy Georgia

Tom and Jessica Stubbins with their daughter Lucy Georgia

Jessica, who is also mum to 19-month-old Penny, said: “I don’t think my husband could believe it. As he got out of the car he heard me scream as I pushed, but she was already in my arms when he came in.

Jessica said she had been to the hospital earlier in the day after she started getting contractions, but after doctors offered her the chance to go back home.

Jessica said: “When I first went into the hospital I was only four centimetres dilated and I was asked if I wanted to stay or go home.”

“I didn’t feel that my contractions were getting stronger so I decided to go home.

“I had a bath and started having stronger contractions and needed to push and my husband took me back to hospital.

“He dropped me at the door while he parked so I got out, and I felt needed to push, so I did. I didn’t feel scared or embarrassed, I just felt that she was coming and that was it.

“The cord was around her neck so I had to flip her over and got rid of it being around her neck and then my husband came up with two nurses.”

Tom, 25, said that he was shocked to find his wife and new baby waiting for him in the entrance way to Scunthorpe General Hospital, North Lincs.,

Lucy Georgia Stubbins

Lucy Georgia Stubbins

Tom said: “I came running down with my flip-flops on and we’d had a baby girl.

“It was amazing but I was in shock, I couldn’t do anything. If it wasn’t for the nurses I would have been a mess.”

Tom said two passing nurses, Gemma and Danny, came to Jessica’s following the birth.

Tom added: “They were all brilliant, especially the girls at the beginning, I was in total shock and going ‘erm, erm, I don’t know what to do’ but Gemma told me to go and get Jessica a chair.”

The couple have now returned home to Ashby, North Lincs. and introduced Lucy Georgia to Penny-Grace.

Jessica said: “I am beaming. My mum has been calling me an Amazonian and super woman. It is amazing. Everyone at the hospital was fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for better staff.”

Julie Dixon, head of midwifery at Scunthorpe General Hospital, said: “Although the service would prefer women to deliver babies in the safety of their home or hospital, occasionally our staff do have to assist with deliveries that happen in unusual places.

“I am delighted our midwives were on hand to help with this special delivery in the main foyer of the hospital.

“We would like to send our congratulations and best wishes to the parents on this unique birth experience.”



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