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HealthMost PopularMum Who Got Wedged Into A Ride At Alton Towers Has Shown Off Her Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

Mum Who Got Wedged Into A Ride At Alton Towers Has Shown Off Her Incredible Weight Loss Transformation

A mum-of-two left horrified when she got wedged into a ride at Alton Towers has shown off her incredible weight loss transformation – after shredding seven stone.

Mandee Hall, 37, now has a slim figure and enjoys getting her hair and makeup done for special occasions after shifting the pounds.

The HR adviser had seen her weight spiral as she gorged on takeaway curries, chippy teas and McDonald’s fast food.

At her heaviest, she weighed 18 stone and 9lbs, would wear size 22/24 clothing and often found excuses to avoid socialising because she was self-conscious about her size.

But she decided enough was enough after a string of embarrassing moments including a horrifying incident at theme park, Alton Towers, when she got wedged into the Galactica ride.

*COLLECT* Mandee Hall in 2013 pictured in the size 20 top she wore when she decided to go to her local Slimming World. Mandee weighed around 18 stone.

Mandee had also been told she was over the weight limit to go horse riding and, when she saw a particularly unflattering photo her brother had taken, she decided to join her local Slimming World group.

Impressively, the brunette from Oswaldtwistle, Lancs., has dropped down to 11 stone 5lbs and can now comfortably fit into size 10/12 clothing.

She said: “The photo taken by my brother was Boxing Day in 2013. There were quite a few things leading up to it.

“In that year I had taken the children on holiday, attempted to go horse riding in Skegness and I was over the weight limit for the horse.

“I had also been to Alton Towers with the children and struggled to get on one of the rides and I was absolutely horrified.

“I basically, got wedged into the ride and hated it the whole way round because I thought ‘How am I going to get out, am I going to get stuck?’

“My brother took a family photo one Boxing Day and, after seeing how I looked on it, I decided I had to do something about my weight.

“I knew I was big. But I think I just refused to accept it because I was always hiding behind a fake smile and a bubbly personality.”

Mandee had struggled with her weight while juggling bringing up two young children and would often go for the easier fast food option.

But after the photo taken by her brother on Boxing Day in 2013, she decided to make a lifestyle change and joined her local Slimming World group soon afterwards.

At first, Mandee incredibly lost seven stone in just 15 months.

But she found it difficult to maintain the reduced weight and put on three stone in 12 months.

Mandee again lost the weight and is now comfortably maintaining a seven stone loss.

“I feel happy and I’m content with where I am,” added Mandee.

“I still go to group now just to keep me focussed because it is so easy to slip back into bad habits.

“I feel a lot more confident now. I have been to Alton Towers several times since and I feel like I’m now going to fall out of the ride – I have a lot more room now.”

*COLLECT* Mandee Hall in 2013 at a friends party.

Mandee’s weight loss journey also led to meeting her now partner, Linny Craig who is a personal trainer at a local gym.

And it wasn’t just her relationship that benefited from the alterations she made, as her two children, Charlie, 15, and Hermione, 11, join her in meal preparation, cooking, and working out.

She said: “I’ve not looked back since losing the weight.

“Joining Slimming World changed my relationship with food and showed me how simple swaps can make a big change.”

Mandee’s mum has suffered several strokes in later life and benefitted massively from her daughter’s involvement with Slimming World.

Slimming World Consultant, Ian Bunney, said: “Mandee has always been a star member, is dedicated to the plan and tries lots of different Slimming World recipes.

“She’s always very positive in group and helpful with other members. She’s been an amazing inspiration to all of the group.”

Before –
Day 1
Breakfast – cereal or white toast with butter & marmalade
Lunch – Quiche, Salad with dressing, creamy coleslaw
Dinner – takeaway
Snacks fruit, crisps, biscuits
Drinks latte’s & fruit juice

Day 2
Lunch – chippy or kfc
Dinner- chilli with rice & cheese

Now – 
Day 1
Breakfast – Fat Free Greek yoghurt with blueberries
Lunch – Peri Peri Chicken Salad with fat free dressing
Dinner 5% fat chilli, cauliflower rice, babybel light
Snacks melon, pineapple, apples, hifi bars
Drinks 2 x coffees skimmed milk, green tea & water

Day 2
Lunch – homemade veg soup
Dinner – lean steak, salad, sweet potato wedges



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